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    WTS: Mini Maglite 2xAA with 2x AA extenders, 3v, 4.5v, 6v

    Long shot, but is this still available please ?
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    AA MiniMag Collection - Part 4

    Wow, fantastic collection! I’ve not worked right through the thread yet as I’m new here, but always loved an AA Mini Mag, and still use one I’ve had for 15+ years daily. I’ve just recently started to collect a few more, so may have to build something like the stand a couple of posts up, I’d...
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    WTB: First Generation Stamped Bezel Mini Maglite

    Long time lurker and first time poster in this forum, I’ve been searching for a first generation mini Maglite with the stamped rather than laser etched bezel to no avail. Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell? I’m located in the UK but I’m happy to buy from anywhere worldwide