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    SureFire Product History Thread

    I don't know if anyone is still interested in pictures of the 6c, but there is a photo of one, and a history of the "6" product line at: https://surefire DOT news/surefire-6p-a-legacy-of-tactical-light/?fbclid=IwAR3EcYxhz-G08OXoxyD4apo9uRw9BSY_GcaJpRDgfK_HJlZ2qDDxx-G469A
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    thermal guy, it looks good. I love the G2, and the G2Z even more. It's too bad Surefire never made a white nitrolon "black & white/dye-it-yourself" version.
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    darkest place you have ever been?

    Oh, I am enjoying this thread, in a wistful sense. I am so enamored-with/dependent-on having a flashlight if I go outside at night, that I cannot remember when I was last able to indulge the feeling of being connected to night-adapted vision, and how it feels in different dark-continuum...
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    What's an inexpensive, but good 18650 charger?

    I also have an XTAR VC4 that I'm very happy with, although after a few years it has some futz-with-it quirks in terms of "bay placement" that I won't go into, probably due to the amount of settled dust it has had to deal with. If XTAR makes an updated version that takes a 21700 Li-ion cell, I...
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    How many flashlights do you EDC?

    3 in pants pockets, with a spare cell for each on my cable keychain. An old Peak 1xAAA Baltic on the keychain, mainly to illuminate a battery change for the others. I am growing evermore fond of cargo pants these days. Main pocket user is an older Jetbeam Jet-1 running on a 14500...
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    Your view of lights with non-replaceable, built-in batteries

    I would never buy a light with a non-replaceable cell. In fact, I don't understand why Sonicare doesn't make a toothbrush that allowed one to unscrew an endcap and make a 16650 or 18650 swap, unless it were over liability concerns. Planned obsolescence does make for increased profits...
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    More Happiness… Malkoff MDC + KeepPower 3.0V RCR123

    I have a Fivemega MD1 body and MDX head with a 1st-generation M30 w/ hi/lo ring, 18350 inside, a Malkoff forward-clicky, and an early "two-prong" tailcap lanyard. Cut out and stuck a piece of photographic gel filter in the head to warm things up a bit. It's a nice little setup.
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    I've kind of 'rediscovered' my Jetbeam Jet-I Pro I.B.S. Not a perfect light, but very versatile, and I am enjoying my first use of the 14500. The backup is an older HDS (Ra clicky), that I was feeling a little guilty using as a main pocket light with a primary cell. Before all that, my main...
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    Need a Flood light

    You might want to check out the Malkoff "Wildcat" on Malkoffdevices dot com. It puts out a lot of light on high, but has a built-in low mode also. You can decide which MDx body length you want to use for rechargeable Li-ion cells. I don't have one, but only because I have several other floody...
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    Hello hello from barcelona!!

    Welcome to the forum, Asha!
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    Adding checkering / texture to Surefire E2T Tactician head

    You might try "Talon Grip". It's a rubbery, textured, self-adhesive material. They make it for specific handgun grips, but they also make it in a plain sheet. I think the one I got was 5" x 7".
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    SureFire USMC?

    I don't know much about them, but there was also a G2Z-TN version in which the only difference, I believe, was the USMC logo on the bezel, which would imply an aluminum bezel. I can't remember if it was an "open bezel" that came with an 80-lumen P60L, or if it was the 1st-generation sealed bezel...
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    Surefire Beam Color

    Surefire led tints can be all over the road. This is sometimes referred to as the "tint lottery". I don't have any current SF lights, but my discontinued "legacy design" E-series vary. On a couple of my E-series lights, because I came to dislike the tints so much, I bought some [email protected] mini-mag...
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    Surefire Deep Turbo C Head

    Regarding fitment issues, I have a Kaidomain 7.4v xenon P60-type drop-in which fits fine in this turbohead, which is screwed onto a SF 12zm body running on 2x16650 protected cells.