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    Found N1 lamp, still WTB qty. one-to-two N2 lamp assemblies

    I found an N1, but I would still like to find NIP examples of the N2 lamp assembly. Thank you!
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    WTT 4x nip P91 for 2xN2 lamp assembllies, and WTT 2x nip MN16 for 1xN1 SF lamp

    Hi, I have a very strong preference for NIP lamps, because otherwise it is difficult for me to be confident of how much service life is left in the bulb. Thank you for reading this, and let me know if you are interested.
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    Pelican #3804 bulbs - has anyone ever tried these on 3x Li-ions?

    I recently ordered the last two 2-Pks of what were supposed to be Pelican #3853 bulb sets (from a website I had not dealt with before). That's what the description said, anyway. What I received were two bulb sets of Pelican #3804. Today I sent my third email asking for a refund/RMA#, and I still...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Red Maglite 3C incandescent flashlight

    Please let me know if you have one of these to sell. Either new, or used-but-not-abused. Thanks for reading this!
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    Advice for Ra light that won't turn on?

    I have a 10 or 11 year old Ra light (140 GD) that I got earlier in the year in a trade. There have been no problems with it until today. It being an older light, I didn't want to bug Henry until I weighed in here first, in case someone with more HDS experience might know what the problem is. The...
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    MN16 on 2x Keeppower 16650 cells (2500 mAh)?

    I have three MN16 incoming, that I can use in my KT-1. Awhile back, I compiled a reference cut-and-paste Word document listing everything I could find regarding the "SF turbohead tower lamps" and other SF and LF incan assemblies here on CPF. My notes indicate that 2x18650 will overdrive the...
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    Streamlight Bi-pin 3 volt bulbs?

    Are there any discontinued Streamlight bi-pin (T1.5 base) bulbs that will run on 3 volts? Thanks!
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    Sold/Expired WTB 17670 battery tube for Ra clicky, gen3 (24 tpi)

    I'm looking for a 17670 battery tube for a Ra clicky light, gen3, with a thread pitch of 24 tpi. Cosmetic condition relatively unimportant, as long as the threads on both ends are undamaged. Thanks for reading this!
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    Fenix HL50 o-ring size?

    I just got a Fenix HL50 - my first "serious" headlamp. In removing the light from the "retaining ring" in order to clean and lubricate the threads, I managed to shred the paper-thin o-ring. I don't want to use the one spare supplied o-ring, I won't have an intact specimen to use if I have to...
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    Check those Bay purchases

    I don't spend much time here in the batteries forum (gotta work on that), so you all probably already know to check this, but today I received an A2 Aviator I bought on the Bay. It arrived with two differently-branded CR123a cells inside. One had a resting voltage of 3.14 volts, and the other...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: a small quantity of Yuji HCRI 5mm leds - either 3200k or 5600k

    I am going to have someone do an led swap for an incoming SF A2 Aviator, and I would like to get just a few extra. I would like to get either qty. 8 (but would settle for 4) 3200k Yuji 5mm leds, or qty. 8 (but would settle for 4) 5200k Yuji 5mm leds, or 4 of each. If all you were willing to sell...
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    2 different types of E2C adapters - problem with one

    I have a SF lego consisting of an E2L-AA body & tailcap, with a Lumens Factory E2C adapter, and a Z44 bezel hosting a Malkoff M31L. Works fine. I tried to replace the LF E2C adapter with a Vital Gear adapter. The VG adapter is more aggressively textured, and sometimes it can be inconvenient...
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    Has anyone modded a SF V1 Vampire?

    I have been doing some searches, and am not finding much information on the V1, such as reviews, or technical info, or much of anything else. Has anyone modded one of these, by doing emitter swaps of both the "main" led, as well as the IR emitter? Is replacing the optic with a LOP reflector...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Surefire FM64, or FM54 (below full retail)

    WTB Surefire FM64 "beamshaper" for 1.47" bezel; used is okay as long it's in decent working shape. Some scratches okay on body, but none, or very minor ones, on lens. It would be nice to also find a SF FM54 for 1.0" bezel, but I am looking for an obviously used specimen, since NIP tends to be...
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    Sold/Expired **FOUND** Re: WTT SSC P4 Surefire U2A for Luxeo

    I would like to do a straight trade of a SF U2A (SSC P4), for a SF U2 (Luxeon V). Used, with some finish wear, scratches and minor dings is okay. CONUS only. I reserve the right to decline certain offers. There are a few minor dings on the body; the Z59 tailcap is scratched up on the "ridge"...
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    Surefire round-body A2 cut down to become round-body A2 single-cell extender?

    Has anyone tried this? Would it be possible to cut down either end of a round-body A2 to make a single-cell extender for an A2, in order to make a 2x16500? Would there be enough material to make a 17mm or 18mm extender, in order to match an A2 bored body? Starting with a cut-off tail end (which...
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    single instance of non-compatibility of Surefire G-series parts

    I came across something today that I have not experienced before. I have a tan G2L with a tan aluminum "empty bezel". Today I received a new incan tan G2Z. I intended to swap bezels, so that the G2Z would then have a tan aluminum bezel. The tan aluminum bezel would not screw down onto the G2Z. I...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Surefire FM34 beam shaper for C/P/G/Z/G2Z

    I am looking for a "clamp-down" beam shaper/diffusion filter for the C/P/G/Z/G2Z lights. Thanks for reading this! [Edit: I would like one made by Surefire; that is embossed with the word "Surefire".]
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    Sold/Expired **FOUND** WTB Surefire G2Z-TN - also, P61 lamp assemblies

    Hi, I would like to either buy a tan Surefire G2Z body by itself, or (second choice), a complete G2Z-TN. Used but not abused body is fine. I am also interested in P61 lamp assemblies. Thanks for reading this!
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    rough temperature limits on SF turbohead lexan lenses?

    I just recently acquired a Surefire 12zm, with the TRTH (threaded turbohead). From doing some searches here, there are allusions to the possibility of the lexan (polycarbonate) lens starting to deform if it gets too hot. I am wondering if anyone has an idea of what "too hot" is. I don't have the...