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    Sold/Expired TRADED E1E with LF lamps/ LED

    https://imgur.com/a/FJyYZHY Bought here: https://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?449767-SOLD-Surefire-E1e-Executive-Elite As you can see in imgur link, 3 HO-E1R bulbs and one E-1 LED included (I did wrap copper foil around the E-1 to get good contact but that was the fix.!) It is...
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    Sold/Expired TRADED Zebra SC62w and SC53w

    I like Malkoff stuff in 219 or N. I like some Surefire stuff including incandescent. And Neutral or so Peak. Will consider parts and accessories. I like good fixed blade knives as well as axes. Let me know! https://i.imgur.com/3kehsfR.jpg https://i.imgur.com/6y5Q2mK.jpg Nothing wrong...
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    Sold/Expired Traded *** HDS 140 CW Clicky for Malkoff, SF lights or parts

    Honestly can't remember when I bought it from Battery Station. Raised button clicky, all black SN 31XXX with blue color ring on positive contact (indicates lumen rating.) It's a user light. Ano missing chunks from falls on concrete while working on stuff on the carport. Also the bezel finish...
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    JPA261 Megacheers

    Bought a used Elzetta Alpha with standard lens and hi/lo tailcap from him that arrived today. He offered to send me photos before I paid him because he said there was a scuff or ding or something- I didn't care because he said it functioned 100%. Well, it DOES function 100% AND I have bought...
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    Cheers to thaugen

    Just recieved a package from him (very well packed- in bubble wrap, manilla envelope sealed and folded and put inside another manilla envelope that was taped up like nobody's business.) The MDC 16650 body, VME head and M61WLL were just what I thought I was getting and perfect for me.
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    Solar, li-ion an no more Cottonpicker....

    So the main light is my hds. I guess that's okay until my CP lion charger breaks. But in my get home bag, I like to keep a solar charger and had a no display cotton picker charger. This worked great until I broke it and tossed it thinking l could just buy a few more. Now that he's moved on...