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  1. RedLED

    Surefire Rechargeable Batteries

    Can you use the Surefire rechargeable lithium phosphate batteries in McGizmo lights? Don, I think you told me to use protected rechargeable batteries only, and I do not know if the Surefire batteries are protected, or even recommend for use in our McGiz lights. Thank you, RL
  2. RedLED

    USS Bonhomme Richard

    I feel awful watching the USS Bonhomme Richard LHD 6 burn. In, I think it was, 2003, I was on a trip of the Vice President, **** Cheney and went aboard the ship at Naval Base San Diego. In fact, I was whistled aboard on the quarter deck, and that is an honor and a wonderful Navy tradition. The...
  3. RedLED

    LAPD Spyderco

    What is the Spyderco knife that is issued to the Cats of the LAPD?
  4. RedLED

    LAFD FLashlights

    Watching the horrible riots on TV I noticed the LAFD has some nice flashlights. Nice throw and some flood spill. What lights do they use? Anyone? Best, RL
  5. RedLED

    Dragon Docking Light

    On the SpaceX Dragon when it docks the hatch opens, and there is a bright light. Any guess what it is? Anyone around here work work for SpaceX?
  6. RedLED

    Lumitop Pico

    Anyone have a Lumitop Pico? I just ordered some as gifts. I love this size of light. I EDC a Muyshondt Aeon (Larry Light Model), and this reminds me of it, that CR-2 size.
  7. RedLED

    Hey Don...

    How are things in Hawaii, are you allowed to surf? Hope all is well at the McGizmo factory.
  8. RedLED

    THE DESSERT THREAD! Ice Cream, Milk Shakes, Cake, Pies, Pudding, Doughnuts and Candy!

    RedLED's dessert, and sweets thread! I always say "I have come to the right place" so let's hear what the flashlight community has to say!
  9. RedLED

    Hamburgers & Hot Dogs: Best Places To Go / How Do You Make Them At Home?

    In the Los Angeles area, I like the Apple Pan for burgers, and Pinks for hot dogs. In the desert, It's In N Out Burger. Please tell us your favorite locations, and how you prepare them at home. Thanks, RL
  10. RedLED

    The LLLL's

    Other than the Oveready M61NLLLL - 4000k XPG2, has any other LLLL's of any kind been made before? I know the M61LLLL W is in production at the moment, and I was just wondering if that is the second of the LLLL series? Thanks, RL ADD: FOR M61LLLL STATS. - RUNTIME AND OUTPUT LEVELS GO HERE...
  11. RedLED

    M61N Cree XPG2 4000k

    I have one, and I left it in our Beverly Hills home, and I located it the other day after a few years. What a great light this is! I have it in a SF G2 with a DS clip, and Tom Anderson Ti. Bead. I forget when these were available? Anyone have one? Best, RL
  12. RedLED

    Street and parking lot lighting

    I have noticed all over the country there seems to be Neutral 4000k LED street lights and parking lot lights. Are there any standards for color Temp.? They sure look neutral to me. I have a color meter somewhere, I may do a test and find out. Thanks, RL
  13. RedLED

    Official CPF Mustard Thread!

    We have the hot sauce thread, what about mustards? All the different mustards hot, spicy sweet and spicy British, French, American mustards, and others? All I know about mustard is when I go to Puerto Rico, the locals speak perfect English, and I would give $50.00 for a jar of French's they...
  14. RedLED


    Kobe Bryant killed today in crash of his private chopper. Years ago, I used to cover the Lakers, and Kobe was amazing to photograph in action, and also he was very nice about photos which were posed. He was one of the nicest athletes I have ever worked with. Tragic loss. Thanks, Kobe...RIP
  15. RedLED

    Surefire Kroma Check In!

    Anyone have a Surefire Kroma? I have one and keep it on the nightstand next to the bed, mostly to check on what the cats have done to the desert house now. The other night I took it outside to see if it is functioning properly, and I really like this light, Surefire did a great job on this...
  16. RedLED


    I just went to the McGizmo Product Overview Thread, and all of the photos are gone. Is there a backup of these photos some where? The original poster of this thread did a fantastic job! I am sure I am not alone in using this thread as a reference in regard to all the lights, heads, battery...
  17. RedLED

    10Th Anniversary of my Haiku!

    It has been with me every single day this past decade clipped in my pocket or in a bag, my photo vest or brief case. It has been with me around the world many times. I have to say that the Haiku is my personal favorite flashlight. While the Haiku (3S) does not have the highest high or the...
  18. RedLED

    SAK REpair?

    The victoryinox I have carried daily since 1978 has a loose slab. Any advice on how to repair it or is there some one who makes repairs than can take care of it for me? Also, I was thinking about getting some custom scales, some I have seen are very nice. Who makes the custom scales...
  19. RedLED

    Maglite 2 C Cell lights?

    What are the differences between the ML25LT, ML50L and ML50LX? All are 2 C cell lights. Thanks, RL
  20. RedLED

    Seiko Vintage Quartz Digital Watches

    I have some beautiful Seiko Quartz Digitals from the 1970s. One is a Japanese domestic market model I bought in Japan. They are beautiful watches from the mid to late 70s. I switched to Rolex in the early 1980s but could never get rid of my nice Seikos. My dad had a Rolex Day-Date, and I...