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  1. Robocop

    Official datiLED Users Thread

    Never used his LE's for an Aleph however I do have a few of his triple drop ins for the old classic ARC-LS. Very nice work and it really updated some old classic to modern specs. I also have some of his old 5mm battery sipping vampire set ups. Very slick design and use them all the time.
  2. Robocop

    Got stopped by police for Zebralight SC32

    Keith you were correct to go ahead and advise the officer you were armed and while he may not have shown it I am sure he appreciated it none the less. I also understand and agree that both officers in my case could have assumed I was not the person who was involved in the assault however both of...
  3. Robocop

    Any stories of using STROBE as a Self-Defense Weapon?

    I do remember the older thread where the dutch officer had been testing out strobe with his department and it was interesting. From what I remember he found that it was not so much the actual brightness but the rate of strobe that was most important for results. I also remember him saying that...
  4. Robocop

    Got stopped by police for Zebralight SC32

    I must say this thread has moved along nicely and it is good to see discussions without anger and over the top comments. Of course as many can see by my user name I am an officer and as such will usually side with the police. Yes in my 18 years on patrol I have seen some officers overstep their...
  5. Robocop

    Any stories of using STROBE as a Self-Defense Weapon?

    As a side note just to add some perspective....that crackhead was about 150 lbs and really did not want to go to jail. I had mace and size to my advantage and that little 150 lb dude went about 60 seconds taking all I had. I really would hate to see what a strobe would do to a violent determined...
  6. Robocop

    Any stories of using STROBE as a Self-Defense Weapon?

    Search good to hear from you again and I hope all is well for you..... Nice to see this thread remaining on track and also calm. I enjoy hearing others opinions however have to base my opinions on my personal experiences. I do understand that others may have had good results with strobe and as...
  7. Robocop

    Any stories of using STROBE as a Self-Defense Weapon?

    I have been involved in various strobe usage threads over the years and have always attempted to add some real world experiences to the discussion. I will do the same here and hope that it will add some food for thought or if nothing else maybe a few other bits of information to consider. I...
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    TM16 Damaged all my 18650 Batteries

    JonR1 welcome to CPF and as a new member I usually give the benefit of doubt for minor issues. You can make your point without the disruption or harsh tone. We are all friends here so enjoy your time here however please understand our rules. Chuck ease up a little also as we had no idea of the...
  9. Robocop

    CPF will eventually linger on as an example of how BBS were killed off by over modera

    I must say that I am a member of many forums and CPF has always been the best. It has also been the longest running for me and to this day I learn something new about my hobby each time I visit here. I was always amazed at the sheer amount of information available here to us all and better yet...
  10. Robocop

    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    A ban is not intended to silence other opinions however is used to maintain thread integrity and calm among our group....nothing less and nothing more. Please understand I am giving all involved the benefit of the doubt and again ask all to keep this thread on topic. You have made your points...
  11. Robocop

    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    rickyro I have to say that no the words of advice from the moderator were not a personal attack at all. I saw nothing at all that appeared to be a personal attack and you can still feel free to enjoy this thread with the rest of us if you just let it go. It seems as if you simply just will not...
  12. Robocop

    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    Rickyro as members and fellow flashlight freaks we can often disagree and at least you did so in a pleasant tone. I believe as moderators we help keep things on track however none the less us mods are still flashaholics just like all other members. We have our likes and dis-likes and we all have...
  13. Robocop

    Gerber Infinity Ultra, anyone still EDC this?

    Does anyone remember what the original Ultra-G sold for from CountyComm? It seems like I remember them being 19.99 then reduced to 15 dollars when discontinued. Even back then this was a good buy for a durable, simple, and long running performer. I also remember seeing many Ultra-Gs modded with...
  14. Robocop

    Gerber Infinity Ultra, anyone still EDC this?

    I have one by my bedside usually at all times and also one in my vehicle glove box. I also have several of the original infinity ultra-g models that were once very popular around here. Countycomm sold hundreds of these and they were labeled as government models and all were a dark green color...
  15. Robocop

    *NEW* Streamlight Ultrastinger LED Revealed at SHOT Show

    HIDSGT I must say that not all cops are cheap. I know literally thousands of cops who have spent great amounts of money on lighting and other gear. If I remember correct my first duty light 18 years past was a Stinger. Back then to me this was an expensive light and my entire academy class (43...
  16. Robocop

    Need a ''Going out Light''

    dss 777 I am not sure what prompted your last comment however it was rude and baiting. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was some mistake or inside joke I may have missed. If so I apologize if not please understand why I deleted your post.....carry on people.
  17. Robocop

    Cheers to DatiLED

    Cheers to Datiled Dusted off a few classic ARC-LS lights and found them needing an update. Datiled was nice enough to find time to build two triple LED drop ins complete with optics and send them my way. He had a very busy month with other issues and still took time to ship quickly and...
  18. Robocop

    Sold/Expired One of a kind D36 flashlight, with XML dropin! - SOLD

    Re: One of a kind D36 flashlight, with XML dropin! Interesting light you have here and I like the D36 option. Will the body take an 18650 cell or is it standard 123 cell only? Also I know you said it is a 3 stage drop in and do you know the voltage range of the drop in? I tried to zoom your...
  19. Robocop

    Sold/Expired WTB- ARC-LS CR2 tailcap

    I just received2 triple LED custom light engines for my old LS bodies and it really has greatly improved an old classic. Still looking for that CR2 tail cap to add to my newly improved LS.....
  20. Robocop

    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    I have to say from watching the video link provided earlier I am impressed with their first single AAA entry. If nothing else many of us flashlight people will surely have to have one for simply nothing more than the WOW factor. Personally I have bought many lights for no other purpose than just...