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  1. scout24

    A Little Bit of Everything. (More added 6/5...)

    Hi all! Up for sale is an eclectic mix of things I have accumulated that are gathering dust, so hopefully you can give them some love... First "I'll Take It" here in this thread takes each items. No trades at this time. All shipping will be USPS with tracking, CONUS ONLY. Paypal fees (Goods and...
  2. scout24

    Musings on Triple emitter lights for EDC.

    I went down memory lane last night texting to a dear friend I met here on CPF right after I signed up. Join me if you will. Triples for the masses. Single cell. Pocketable. Same dimensions as everything else we were used to at the time. (At least here on CPF) August of 2010, Mac posted his...
  3. scout24

    Snowmageddon '21

    Hi all- A solid 2 feet here in Northeast Pa. Please check in and let us know if you're ok. We kept power here, going to be a few days until we're dug out.
  4. scout24

    Sold/Expired Surefire lights and compatible parts. All sold...

    Hi all- Time for some housecleaning. All prices include trackable USPS shipping. PP fees included. CONUS plus two only. Not looking for trades at this time. Any questions, please ask! First unconditional "I'll take it" here in this thread takes each item. PM for PP addy. NO FRIENDS AND FAMILY...
  5. scout24

    New 6D Maglight

    So, in a moment of weakness, I bought my last light of the year. A new 6D Mag for thirty couple bucks. My only other Maglights are a Malkoff'd 2C and a KYFishguy single 14500 powered Triple. So, I'm not super well versed in Maglight. This thing is a monster. :grin2: I'm thinking a Kaidomain...
  6. scout24

    Sold/Expired WTB- Ra Clicky clip with screws

    Hello all! Looking for a Ra Clicky clip with screws. Doesn't have to be one of the cool Ti ones that were sold, but I'm open to pretty much anything. Please PM or reply here if you've got one to sell. Thanks for looking! :wave:
  7. scout24

    Anodizing question.

    Hello all- I have a titanium light that is splash anodized multiple colors that I'd like to either have all one color or remove the ano. It's bead blasted as well. Any thoughts, ideas, recommendations are appreciated. I'm open to pretty much anything, it's a nice light and does not deserve to...
  8. scout24

    Sold/Expired SPF. Letting two go... SPF

    Hi everyone, I have two lights up for sale today. Fine print first: Both include paypal fees and USPS First Class shipping or equivalent with tracking. CONUS plus two for now. What you see is what you get, no boxes, paperwork, batteries, just the lights. Both are as close to new as humanly...
  9. scout24

    Sold/Expired Want to Buy: Surefire A2 LED rings

    Ok, so maybe a long shot, maybe not. I'm looking for any and all aftermarket (Koala, Calipsoii) as well as yellow/green and regular green stock Surefire rings. Must be working, in good shape please. Paypal at the ready, I know these won't come cheap, and I'm ok with that. Please let me know what...
  10. scout24

    AA or AAA with specific requirements.

    Hi all! Picking the collective brain here. I'm looking for a single cell AA or AAA light. Forward clicky. Pocketclip. I know of Malkoff's MDC and McGizmo's AA offerings. Okluma DC0 is 14500 only, so a non-starter. Must take NiMH or 1.5v primaries. I ordered in a Pelican 1910 AAA but am still...
  11. scout24

    Some PD McGizmo love.

    Picture to follow... So, long story short, I haven't had a piston drive McGizmo light in my posession in a couple of years. Last one was carried and used fairly regularly, spending some time on a shelf as others came and went. The time must have been right recently, because I scooped up a...
  12. scout24

    The Chicken roost

    Mrs. Scout and I are now the owners of six Rhode Island Red chicks. This is our first foray into "livestock", but we are avid gardeners. Anyone else here raise chickens? Stories, tips, tricks, ideas, all welcome... 🐓 :wave:
  13. scout24

    Sold/Expired WTB- Flat sided twisty Surefire E1e, and or a Winelight

    I'm looking to add a flat sided twisty E1e back into my collection. Also, looking for my first Winelight (Single or two cell) after these many years. If you can help me out, I'd be appreciative. Thanks for reading!
  14. scout24


    Once upon a time, a young(er) scout24 played with mini Maglites and the occasional 2D plastic incan lights like everyone else. Kept a 2D Mag in the car. Discovered Gerber/CMG Infinitys. LED's were fun but dim. 2xAA Minimag was king for edc. Stumbled onto Fenix LOD with a 10440 and found CPF. The...
  15. scout24

    Sold/Expired Both sold- Elzetta Bravo, Lumintop GT Micro

    SOLD. Up for sale today are an Elzetta Bravo with hi-low clicky tailcap and smooth bezel. Essentially new, no missing ano, scratches, etc. 2x123 NOT bored. $135 shipped with PP fees included. SOLD https://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad56/scout24cpf/20190913_091627.jpg Sold. Next, a new...
  16. scout24

    Suggestions thread

    Any and all thread or post suggestions to move over to this new subforum,with links please, post here...
  17. scout24


    Hi all! A Malkoff welcome thread! :) With a big Thank You to Greta for creating this dedicated subforum. Discussions of all things Malkoff. Please remember all CPF rules and policies are in effect here... Welcome aboard and let's make this work! As a point of info, unlike other manufacturer...
  18. scout24

    Sold/Expired Sold- Ti VME head from last run

    Sold... Title says all. Ti VME head from the most recent group buy. I really thought I'd use it but just don't... As received, maybe 10 minutes use inside the house with a couple different dropins. Comes with lens, gasket and o-ring. Asking $120.00 shipped to your door CONUS only. USPS with...
  19. scout24

    Sold/Expired Found- Oveready L3N dropin.

    Found one. Thanks for looking! :)
  20. scout24

    What was your prep for today?

    Hi all! If you're reading this, the title intrigued you. That's the idea. I wanted to start a thread where members could come for ideas, to document, to keep the idea on your radar if it's not already. Not just disaster/zombie/bugout prep, but camping/self sufficiency, etc. Got out in the garden...