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    Yearly supporter membership

    So the ads are a punishment for us, then?
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    Hot Halogens

    I'm slowly replacing the 50 watt halogen MR16 type FNV bulbs we installed during a remodel with LED replacements. This week I changed five sockets in the kitchen, when my batch of replacement LEDs arrived in the morning delivery. Usually I change lamps when they burn out - but this time the...
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    How not to charge with magnetic cable

    Yep, I think the Canadian dimes changed from silver to nickel some time after 1967 (Centennial coins were still silver), and recent ones are nickel-plated steel. We haven't had new pennies struck since 2012 and they don't even circulate any more. It would be madness to sell for 1 cent an...
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    How not to charge with magnetic cable

    Neat! I did not know that. Even your "nickels" aren't nickel! (mostly!). I don't have any recent US coins handy, but I did plunge the Baton into the jar of leftover US coins we have accumulated over the years ( for quite a while US coins would show up in change in Canadian stores) and none of...
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    How not to charge with magnetic cable

    I've been using an Olight S2R Baton II for several months now and it's been excellent - maybe a little bulky for dress pants, but otherwise very handy to have in a pocket every day. Last night I clipped the magnet cable onto it to top up the charge (I like the way the cable jumps into place like...
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    Lanyard EDC carry

    I can see this being so practical, and yet I have a great aversion to having anything looped around my neck...I imagine scenarios where I slip on a ladder and am found the next day. I tried making a paracord lanyard with a slip knot that would release under pressure, but never had the courage to...
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    turbo or boost is useless to me (rant)

    I was surprised how a little cooling makes a big difference to temperature rise and step down. I was trying out my new Olight S2R Baton II last night and wanted to run the unit long enough to see the battery status light turn red. I found just wrapping a damp face cloth around the head cooled...
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    First test of my drone mounted lighting

    Interesting project. Are the flashlights aligned to overlap their hot spots on the ground, or could they be set to spread out a little so as to use more of the camera's field of view? It would be interesting to see what a headlamp-style optic would do, though it might be too floody at higher...
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    Oliight Mixing and Matching - Olight H2R Nova and S2R Baton II

    I just got my S2R Baton II on Thursday, after the vendor ( substituted the titanium edition for the aluminum one that was out of stock. I've been amusing myself for the last couple of days comparing with my H2R Nova headlamp. 1. As I had been told elsewhere, 186C30 3000...
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    Olight batteries S2R Baton II / H2R Nova - exchangeable?

    Thanks! The S2R Baton II just came in this afternoon. My vendor ( was out of stock on the regular edition, but kindly offered me the titanium limited edition ("Spirit of Honor") at the same price. Of course I jumped at that. It's my first titanium flashlight and looks...
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    What do you desire from a AAA-size light?

    My turn? I really like my Fenix LD02 and was very happy when it came back from repair. I think my top requirements are: - Reliable! Turns on when needed, and *stays off* when not needed - Button switch - preferably a tail button. - 100-ish lumen high mode so I can check out the back yard or...
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    Underwriters Standard UL 1576 for flashlights and lanterns?

    I see UL has brought out a standard 1576 for flashlights and lanterns. Frustratingly, the "scope" on the UL Web site doesn't explain what is *in* the standard. Is it strictly a safety standard, or does it include or duplicate the performance requirements in ANSI FL 1? Does the UL standard...
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    Olight batteries S2R Baton II / H2R Nova - exchangeable?

    Apologies if there's a more Olight-specific place to ask: My H2R Nova headlamp came with a 186C30 battery rated 3000 mA hr. One of the reasons I've ordered an S2R Baton II is that it has a similar UI, and charging arrangement - now I will have a fall back if I break my charging cable, other...
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Olight Baton S2R Baton II,is coming ...real soon now....delayed by a stockout. It will be replacing the NexTorch P8A that's been promoted to car glove box duty, that replaced a Home Depot Defiant 3 C zoomable that I ruined by cross-threading the tail cap, that replaces a Maglight 3C that I...
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    What are peoples opinion of Olight brand lights.

    I like my Nova H2R headlamp and never leave the house without it in my parka pocket, this winter. It was very handy when I had a tire change to do. The drawback is the special charging cable and battery - I'm mitigating that a bit by my order of a Baton II which should give me a spare charging...
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    Flashlight Storage: Opinions?

    Never mind what kind of box you keep them in - TAKE THE BATTERIES OUT! I wish I'd remembered that more often. Bill
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    Destroyed a "Defiant"

    While putting away the updated insurance for the car yesterday, I pulled out the car light and decided to give it a preventive maintenance inspection. This was a Home Depot "Defiant" 3 C zoomable light I'd bought only a couple of years ago, to replace my long-suffering Maglight 2C that finally...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    My last LED purchase was a Nitecore Tube to be given to my mother-in-law as a purse/keychain light. She has a couple of flimsy AA incandescent lights and she really needs a decent light. I figure rechargeable will be a good choice, as she can use her phone charger to top it up instead of...
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Went out to the new (to me) car this evening to see if the sound system will play off a USB flash drive (yes!), 3 1/2 inch floppy (no!), and portable USB hard drive (maybe?). It was after dark, and the car interior lights don't reach down to the USB socket on the dash, so my trusty Fenix LD02...
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    Is Surefire Classic Series ITAR controlled?

    Heaven forfend that the enemies of democracy should ever get hold of the technology of a tube with batteries in one end and a bulb on the other!

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