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  1. chillinn

    Maratac AA Ti Rev. 4

    I got this expecting there to be PWM on the medium and low modes, and expecting to do a driver swap to solve the PWM, but I can't detect it. I looked for reviews and can find none, nor any threads specific to it, so I am posting to ask others who have it if they can tell me if there is PWM on...
  2. chillinn

    Sold/Expired wtb Lumintop IYP07 nichia any color any condition

    Need the driver with nichia emitter for a swap, would like to get 2. How did these things sell out everywhere? Someone at DHGate has them, but won't accept PayPal, and my bank will flag and decline any sale from China. Someone at NewEgg selling XP-G3 version, but sale is fishy, a dozen or so...
  3. chillinn

    2021 build: Leef 3x18650 Halogen flashlight

    This is the plan, pretty straight forward, hope to start soon to complete by early next year, Lumens Factory Seraph M Series Modular Turbo Head, Tad Customs Halogen G4 bipin socket, Leef 3x18650 from fivemega and 4xFM1909, also from fivemega (and many ubercheap 20W 12V G4 halogen...
  4. chillinn

    the sun

    What, if anything, do CPFers have to do with the sun? Do you like the sun's mode interface, or is it too archaic? What are the best types of flashlight when the sun is coming up? Do you have lights to compete with the sun, outside, during the day? How about some photos of these...
  5. chillinn

    nuclear batteries with diamonds

    So there are a number of posts going back to 2004 about nuclear battery announcements. Here is a new one 28,000 years. How about that runtime?
  6. chillinn

    What in the heck is this bug?!

    Is it poisonous? I am in rural bay area Virginia. I think I have seen one before, but it was not this big. It bit my mother's hand clean off, but she got better and doesn't really remember the bite. I remember for her. It was painful.
  7. chillinn

    Decent RED powerLED AA flashlights

    I have a number of posts scattered across a number of threads started by others, but they're old now. Since joining CPF, I have only come across a few decent red flashlights. The Surefire Aviators. I gifted my original. New ones are $$$ and not AA. But definitely worthy. I probably need to...
  8. chillinn

    battery abuse anonymous

    I am a little disgusted with myself. I am always telling folks to be careful, and here I do a dumb thing. I killed a perfectly good Sony VTC4. I bought 2 along with 2 high cap IMR AW a few years ago, never used for their intended purpose, a BTF thing, I forget what that is called. This cell...
  9. chillinn

    Super Wolf Blood Moon

    Just wondering who was outside when this started and caught them unawares, and what light they were carrying... and what light they should have been carrying if they paid better attention to the weather. To anyone reading this after dawn in North America, the full moon was as bright as they...
  10. chillinn

    Sold/Expired Looking for 2015 Limited Edition yellow cerakote Elzetta A123

    Looking for 2015 Limited Edition yellow cerakote Elzetta A123, smooth bezel, 2-stage switch, flood. 2015 Limited Edition Elzetta Alpha I want to gift this to a mariner, but I am not sure I can afford it. If you have one, let me know and I'll make note, and see if I can save up for what it will...
  11. chillinn

    for the theater, for the director

    The incan A2 with Red LEDs and the F06-A blue filter hits every sweet spot for inside and outside the theater, is nearly ideal. What is not ideal is that it is large, and the director is not a flashaholic, would be lost with all the other neat things we love about the light, incan maintenance...
  12. chillinn

    Activity Stream only displays new OP

    I could have sworn it used to display all new posts, including in-thread replies. It was a very cool utility, helpful in discovering all the new posts. I prefer to lurk, the Activity Stream is my first stop. Displaying only posts that initiated a new thread is not as useful in seeing where the...
  13. chillinn

    Triples/quads are on their way out...

    I may be a false profit, but you heard it here first. Now with higher power brighter LED options like the Cree XM-L2 90CRI that has been out, and with a tiny throwing Nichia 219c HiCRI 4000K, triples/quad designs, creating a wall of flood, become complex and unnecessary, duplicated with a...
  14. chillinn

    Sold/Expired WTB E1E-BK 2-flats, w/ smooth bezel & z54 twisty/momentary tailcap

    I have been searching high and low for this light. During a move, I missed this auction. :'( If you have this flashlight, or an identical model that is in similarly good condition, and you are generously willing to part with it, please contact me and let me know what you'd be willing to accept...
  15. chillinn

    AW factory flood

    Saw this at rtdvapor. Is this old news? Any further information?
  16. chillinn

    CR123A incan users

    Maybe this post belongs in the incan section... idk, tough call for me to make. Briefly, when I started into flashlights, I was all about the LED and secondaries. It is a strange and unexpected twist of fate and personal preference that more and more of my interest has arrived at incan and...
  17. chillinn

    E-series tailcap and switch preference?

    There are a lot of options, from McClicky Oveready exotic copper or titanium, to AW Softstart in an OEM cap, or the Lightsaver Miser, or namebrand z52/z54, z57/z61/z63, z68... I am using Lightsaver Miser in limited doses and z68 for tail standing, have a LF z52 McClicky, but I keep coming back...
  18. chillinn

    brightness riddle, difference between hosts/cells

    I don't know the answer to this, but I think the answer will teach me something. I see a brightness difference between two hosts and cells that should be more or less identical, but one is clearly brighter. First, let me list what is identical, the very same items shared between the hosts...
  19. chillinn

    Constant Current incan modes. Why not?!!?

    Went off the topic in another thread. Starting here fresh. I think this deserves examination. Naive and young for my age, I was seduced by Computer Science. FYI, CS has nothing whatsoever to do with computers. The "computer" in "Computer Science" is in fact a person, i.e. one who computes, or...
  20. chillinn

    Sold/Expired WTB: incan E Elite heads

    I am seeking Elite heads, bezel w/ reflector Thanks for looking!

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