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  1. Enzo

    Flashlight Review Notifications

    I'm no longer getting early morning email telling me of any new flashlight reviews or updates. Just me?
  2. Enzo

    Limiting Lithium-ion Dangers

    Is it generally safer to use a single lithium battery in place of two lithium batteries to avoid mis-matched batteries and problems that can occur? For example, one 18650 instead of two cr123's? And If a flashlight takes two 18650's, is it a safer design if the batteries are in parallel via a...
  3. Enzo

    Best Battery for a Zebralight SC51

    I ordered a Zebralight SC51 and it should be here by the end of the week. I heard this light is optimized for alkaline batteries. Is that true and what batteries do you use in your Zebralights?
  4. Enzo

    Will a "SUPER" lithium battery damage my flashlight?

    I just bought a 4Sevens Revo and it came with a Duracell AAA alkaline battery. I want to change the battery to a primary lithium and see where some brands like Everready have 4X or 8X on the packaging. Is it possible to damage the flashlight if I use a lithium AAA that claims to last 8 times...
  5. Enzo

    CR123A or AA?

    I'm new to CPF and new to flashlights. I was about ready to order several flashlights that take CR123A batteries but came upon several old threads that detail the dangers of lithium batteries. Now I'm thinking I should order the AA versions of the flashlights knowing they have lower output...

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