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  1. WarriorOfLight

    What is coming next: Brass, Bronze, Titanium is done, BeCu and SS is "on the way"

    What is coming next: Brass, Bronze, Titanium is done, BeCu and SS is "on the way" I was asking in the big HDS thread what special metal will ne the next? Bronze, Brass and Titanium are done, and BeCu and Stainless Steel is currently in progress.... Also interesting is "Bare Aluminum" also a...
  2. WarriorOfLight

    South Africa Fall 2019

    In the HDS Section I was talking about my other Hobbies, and that I was in 2019 in South Africa. :D Here a very few pictures. I was only selectin a few Pictures very fast. I have a lot Pictures taken in South Africa…. My camera a Pentax Kp with Pentax 150-450mm lens. Same camera with a Little...
  3. WarriorOfLight

    Often Server error Message "Server busy"

    Since a few month I often get this error that the server is busy. I do bot knof if the reason is because I am in Europe? The Error is normally gone after ~5-10 minutes. A direct refresh will result in the same error. The last Error of this type is ~10 minutes ago. I do bot knof if this is a...
  4. WarriorOfLight

    [SOLVED]Surefire Tactician - Manual Pictures needed

    I Need Pictures of the Surefire Tactician Manual (both sides). The customs in my country is complaining, that there is no Manual in German. Hope there is someone able taking this Pictures of the Manual to me, than I can do the Translation. Thanks in advance.
  5. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired WTB: *found*

    Hi I'm looking for this light from Hogo's group buy: HDS XP-L 4000K Rotary If you have something to offer PM me :) Found! Thanks CPF :)
  6. WarriorOfLight

    Driver for 500mA

    Hi I'm looking for a 500mA driver, that is intended to be used with a Nichia NCSU033B UV LED. My particular LED hast the M range (3.6-4.0v Vf). I want to build this parts into a P60 dropin shell. The power supply is one 18650 cell. The BB Nextgen 500 and the GD Buck/Boost Converter looks...
  7. WarriorOfLight

    Order ODL with black cren bezel ring

    Hi I'd like to oder a ODL with M2 head an black cren bezel ring. This rings are in stock when I bug the ring seperate, but in the options of the light only SS and polished is available, not the black one. I do not have a removal tool to emove the plastic ring ,therefore my question if this...
  8. WarriorOfLight

    Looking for 16mm diameter LED drivers

    Hello I'm currently looking for LED drivers with ~16mm diameter that fits in P60 DIY dropin parts. The driver must work with 2xLiIon and should have 3 brightnes modes (no SOS, Stobe or other flicker modes). Unfortunately I have not found such a driver. The driver should be able to provide...
  9. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired WTB: Surefire G2 in ORANGE

    I'm looking for a Surefire G2 in orange. I know there are only a few. But I will give it a try. Here a thread with pictures of orange Surefire G2:**Sold** The surefire G2 has...
  10. WarriorOfLight

    Holster for Surefire M6LT

    I'm looking for a holster that fits my Surefire M6LT. I searched, but I only found a few old threads discussing holsters for the M6. Does anyone has a holser recommendation for the M6LT?
  11. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired *Traded*: Nitecore D10 slotted piston with tritium (old style - blue trit) *reduced*

    I have 3 slotted pistons with tritium for sale. The pistons does not contain o-rings and the battery spring! *SOLD & SHIPPED*The first one has a 2mm x 8mm tritium vial in ice blue. The piston is a "new style" piston. *SOLD & SHIPPED* The second piston has a 2mm x 8mm tritium vial in white. The...
  12. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired WTB: Nailbender Nichia UV P60 Dropin (365nm)

    I'm looking for a Nailbender Nichia UV P60 Dropin
  13. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired WTT: Steve Ku LF2XT Beryllium Copper for Ex10 Ti "Fatty"--- WTB: EX10 Ti "Fatty"

    *FOUND*: Steve Ku LF2XT Beryllium Copper for Ex10 Ti "Fatty"--- WTB: EX10 Ti "Fatty" I found a EX10 Fatty :) Thanks CPF!!!
  14. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired Sold

  15. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired Nitecore EX10 slotted piston with trit

    Sold: Nitecore EX10 slotted piston with trit Sold!
  16. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired WTS: Nitecore D10 pistons old style with trit

    WTS: *SOLD* Nitecore D10 pistons old style with trit Since I have my D10-Ti's I do not need my D10 trit (1.55x5mm vial) pistons anymore. I have two pistons for sell, one with blue trit, one with red trit. Both pistons are old style. The pistons are without o-ring and battery spring. SOLD...
  17. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired WTB: Malkoff M30 dopin

    Hello I'm looking for a Malkoff M30 dropin. If you do not need yours I'd take it. :) Thanks for reading WoL
  18. WarriorOfLight

    Sold/Expired WTB: Liteflux LF2XT-TI Run #1 or #3 light made by kuku427

    Found: Liteflux LF2XT-TI Run #1 or #3 light made by kuku427 All found

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