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    Weather/AM/FM radio

    An easy solution is to carry aa light back up and aa radio. Even c or d radios can run on aa’s with spacers.But if they made a cheap 18650 powered radio I’d probably buy one.
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    What is your stuff hit the fan light?

    I too was a mile from Northridge epicenter in my recently purchased first home with young kids and pets. What a mess! I only had a single rayovac (or was it eveready?) sportsman 2d flashlight. Not great, but better than nothing. No electricity or water for a couple of weeks. Lots of candles...
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    ok i finnaly have a flashlight brand im loyal to

    Besides a few Surefire 6p, 9p, and g2s, it’s Malkoff all day and all night. Super Hound Dog next but can’t decide cool or neutral. Some other Malkoff nuts say get both!
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    For me, cool hound dogs and neutral wild cats. Throwy lights just do better with cool tints.
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    Pandemic Mental Health - How YOU doin'?

    I’m sure health professionals are sick of anti vaxers taking up space and time better used for others. Schadenfreude? Darwinism? I’m glad I don’t live among the aggressive and ignorant who espouse conspiracy theories then cry for help.
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    How do you explain this Hobby?

    I didn’t really get started in this hobby until viable leds became available, and most people realize how leds have completely altered artificial lighting throughout the world. It is also interesting reading about the Nobel winners who made this lighting possible. There are always early...
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    Nice looking family you got there! Off topic, but I got a knock off g2 from the auction site super cheap and though the tail cap is definitely less sturdy with a weaker spring, it is a pretty simple mechanical light. Dropped a malkoff 4L into it and it is now my garage light.
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    2021-share your outings

    Great pics. Beautiful location. It totally sucks that boots are not working, though I had same issue in middle age, especially after working out for years. All of a sudden shoes/boots that were great no longer were and the search was on. Very frustrating.
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    darkest place you have ever been?

    Those looking for dark skies might want to check out IDA, the International Dark-Skies Association. And yeah, it’s real and it’s based in Tucson.
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    oil in small engine

    I always threaded it down to measure.
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    im no expert but duracell aa are the best

    I have lots of alkalines in all different sizes but I only use them in other people‘s devices. I hate it when stuff doesn’t work and if they have leaks down the line, not my problem!
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    im no expert but duracell aa are the best

    The more a product is advertised, the crappier it is. Duracell, bud light, Ford trucks, Gatorade, etc
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Ha! You’re right, Teflon tape does work. It’s a little messy trying to change batteries, and it might get torn up twisting hi/lo so much it doesn’t work, but it is a Mcgyver fix it for now.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    I swapped heads and it works fine. The old head is the problem so any solution for loss of ano?
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Thanks tg, so there’s no way to fix it? Just be happy with it as a one level?
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Has anybody had a hi/lo switch not work? Have one I got direct from malkoff a while back and it doesn’t do low. Could resistor been bad? I assume they’re tested…
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    For Sale Malkoff lights

    Funds sent for #3
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    For Sale Malkoff lights

    I’ll take #3, thanks
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    Movies better than the book

    This is going to be pretty short list because the opposite is the norm, but here it goes: The Godfather Being There Jurassic Park Day of the Jackel King Rat Close, but no cigar: Slaughterhouse Five Hombre Valdez is Coming One Flew Over the ****oo’s Nest(why is this with asterisks??)...
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    Hi from Rome

    Hi, welcome to CPF. Have many fond memories of Rome and always had a good light for walking at night to warn the crazy drivers. Hope to visit again soon, COVID permitting of course.