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  1. turbodog

    trying to find current version of old light

    About 15 years ago I had a 'd' maglite that was running 6 aa cells in a 2d adapter. The bulb was replaced by an led. There was glow in the dark epoxy around the bulb area. It was focusable (I think). The switch was multi mode momentary. What was this light? Is there a current version of it...
  2. turbodog

    noteworthy timeline of lights

    Thought it might be interesting to make a timeline of noteworthy developments in lights. I don't have all the info for this, but will throw out some ideas on what might be pertinent, without being too detailed. 1980-ish maglite introduces their c/d cell line 1980-ish xenon/halogen bulbs go...
  3. turbodog

    18650 (and other) cell database

    For what it's worth. Ran across this when comparing the 25/30/35 samsung 18650 cells. Good stuff. Appears to be a forum devoted to repurposing cells. Good info.
  4. turbodog

    experience with speed queen washing machines?

    Washing machine just died. Was old school with manual controls for water temp, water level, and wash type. New machines are high efficiency which is a good bit slower so I am looking at speed queen. Apparently they make a light duty commercial unit for the home that still has all manual...
  5. turbodog

    PM bug

    Think I found a bug in the PM function. I received a PM, and opened a reply in a new tab #2. I composed a reply, but did not send yet. Meanwhile, back in tab #1, I deleted the original PM. Then tried to send reply in tab #2. It threw an error my way...
  6. turbodog

    WTT surefire a2 incan for 1-2 mode 123-based light

    Have almost flawless surefire a2 incan w/ spares carrier and spare bulb. Want to trade for 1-2 mode 123 based twist/click light. PM please.
  7. turbodog

    Fun coin cell fact

    Any flashaholic knows that an 18650 cell is 18mm diameter and 650mm long. Apparently, same rules apply to coin cells. 2016: 20mm dia 16mm long/tall 2032: twice as long etc..
  8. turbodog

    advice on flux core wire feed welder

    Have a bit of welding to do. Am experienced with ac/dc stick welding to a passable degree. Want to get a wire feed welder, but don't want to fool with shielding gas... and I just learned you can get flux core wire. Does this stuff require special storage like regular rods? Does it 'go bad'...
  9. turbodog

    WTB malkoff mag 'c' dropin 3-6 cells

    current generation, ~450 lumens, preferred.
  10. turbodog

    Fenix LR40R HUGE disappointment, need alternative

    Just received fenix lr40r, 12,000 lumen light. Overall: very good Likes: dual buttons to control flood (11,000 lumens) and spot (1,000 lumens) long range TIGHT spot overall lumen output can take protected 18650 cells (1 to 4 of them) functions as usb powerpack waterproof Dislikes: if using...
  11. turbodog

    short protected 18650 needed

    Had some 'aw' protected 18650 cells from hds. They are all gone, and I am looking for a replacement. Need to be protected and short/thin as possible. Bought a batch of panasonic but the button top and triple shrink wrap make them too large to fit.
  12. turbodog

    rice rice baby

    Had lunch a few weeks ago at a Mediterranean place. Dish had rice in it... way longer than basmati and with little bumps/ridges or something on it. Google is coming up blank... Ideas what this was?
  13. turbodog

    air compressor breather 'smoke'

    Have an air compressor that has a slight 'smoke' coming from the breather tube after it runs for a few minutes. Has done since new (3 years) Cylinders will be barely warm, heads will be fairly hot but not too much so. Oil is new and in proper fill range. Does not get worse when I really work...
  14. turbodog

    firefly 2 stage switch problems

    Recently bought a used firefly w/ 2 stage switch. Switch is intermittent. Low flickers. Can't always get high to work. If you tighten all the way, high usually cuts off. I could pull the switch and simply replace only the screw itself. Other ideas? Is the switch cleanable?
  15. turbodog

    what to do with used traction batteries

    I've just had a set of batteries given to me (if I want them). Sort of a solution in need of a problem. Set came from a 'tug' used to move things around. Interstate batteries 4 packs of: 6, 2 volt cells in a pack of 12v, 270AH, 320# So basically a 48v set @ 270AH, weighing 1280 pounds. Each...
  16. turbodog

    Sold/Expired found - WTT tiny nugget for single 1x123 or 2x123 based TWISTY-type

    Have 1 month old tiny nugget. Want to trade for 1x123 or 2x123 twist on light, no switches please. Nugget does NOT come with battery, but takes 18650 flat top UNprotected ONLY.
  17. turbodog

    my mouse is old

    Know your mouse is old when the cord's insulation wears through from sliding back/forth on the desk exposing bare wires. Wrapped some electrical tape around it and am back to work.
  18. turbodog

    MKL versus BRK

    Any idea why MKL has gotten so hammered compared to BRK since c-19 hit? One is a smaller version of the other. Usually they track in lockstep with one another.
  19. turbodog

    who made the old "X" led light

    There was a mfg about 10-15 years ago that made 2d sized thick walled aluminum led lights. They were side clicky, single mode, and ran for DAYS. Due to the way they smelled, I would almost guarantee they were made overseas. The rubber had a VERY pungent odor about it. Prices were not bad, maybe...
  20. turbodog

    Looking for a 'tripwire' flashlight

    I need a light for the following problem. Will likely have to build something... but you never know. Have a tornado shelter. Recently needed to get into it in the middle of the night in a big hurry. Did not have time to grab a light. When got IN the shelter, needed a light immediately in order...