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    Need a little direction ...

    I've been gone for a few years, been into watches. Don't go there. I've got a Gizmo light I'd like to send to him for repair, stopped working. Is it possible to reach him? Also my Volere AA needs a new switch but it seems like Steve Ku has become a bad guy. He invited me to send him a light...
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    What's the name of that online flashlight store .......

    You got it. Thanks! You got it. Troy.
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    What's the name of that online flashlight store .......

    First - just a stop by to say "hello" to everyone. Been a while since I've participated here. I moved on to watches and well, ...... ouch. Expensive stuff. I see dad is now a moderator. Belated congratulations. Anyway, I've been struggling to remember the name of a store, they sell mostly...
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    The Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast your vote!

    4Sevens Quark AA, Malkoff Hound Dog, Haiku XP-G
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    The Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast your vote! PART 2

    Re: The Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast your vote! 4Sevens Quark AA, Malkoff Hound Dog, Haiku XP-G
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    The Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast your vote!

    Re: The Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- You're Vote Needed! Nitecore D10 Gizmo Haiku Mac SST-50 EDC 4Sevens Quark AA LF2XT
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    Flashlights you bought this month. Jan 2010

    This was my worst month ever as a flashaholic. I thought it was time to check out a D10, so I bought a few: a Q5 D10, a Diamond Dragon D10 and a JHanko SP D10 (with 9 trits in the tail). Then I got a KuKu427 Ti LF2XT XP-G from his first run. I think his first run was the prettiest. Then I...
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    show Your LEEF!

    Here is mine. Doesn't compare to some of the others here, but it works very well. Aleph III head built by Milkyspit with P7 and optic, Leef 18650, RPM tail. I don't think Craig will mind my lifting his picture of my light from his review.
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    Ultralight Flashlight for backpacking?

    You're looking for something extremely light. The Zebralight 501 (AA) with its lightweight strap and AA battery weighs 2.22 oz. You may be limited to AAA flashlights as headlights. In that case you will have relatively short runtimes and may need to carry extra batteries. There is also a...
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    Flashlights You bought this month? June -09

    You only just discovered 18650 powered lights? The most compact 18650 made is the TnC SF with 20mm head and whatever tail you want. Maybe I'll post a picture. Showed it to Milkey who said he had never seen an 18650 so small. But this month: a Peak Cr2 powered P4, a Milkey custom Gotham...
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    Suggestions Waterproof Flashlight

    Don't know if I missed a price limitation. But Packhorse makes a nice upgrade to an existing, quality dive lite. I have one of his upgrades with the aspheric, thought the aspheric will not take great depths because a thinner front lens is used due to the thickness of the aspheric lens...
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    lights you regret buying? why?

    Well, since I can't slam a manufacturer I won't mention any names. But there is only one light I am sorry I purchased: It is a very technical sort of a light made by a fine but small manufacturer with tons of experience in the flashlight area but little published experience with this...
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    What Flashlights do you plan to buy in May?

    Well, I will be picking up one or two custom built lights in May, and paying for a third. The one I will be paying for is pretty cool: A fairly compact light with 3 x MC-E's driven off 3 x 18650's (batteries sit side by side for a short but wide handle). Four output levels, max at 2,100...
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    Flashlights you bought this month? March ´09

    Well, lets see: 1) I just paid Milky to do a custom MC-E build for me with body parts I bought last month from Donn. 2) I just prepaid MJ today for his Mega Micro. 3) I just bought an Extreme III, but I really got it for a non flashaholic friend who came by today and paid for it. That may...
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    Really, Really Dumb Question, Dumbest Ever

    So, to sum it up for you: 1) Matter of personal preference, 2) Law enforcement and others who want a "momentary" function will go for the forward clickie, 3) They are both equally easy to cycle through modes 4) Never heard about forward clickies being more rugged, its possible 5)...
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    Thoughts on EDC lights.

    OLight T10 w/ Q5 - v simple interface but you need two hands to do the head twist thing to change brightness modes. Liteflux LF1 modded with an SSC P4 - superb. Just high and med-low, takes alkalines or rechargeables. Nice high output even on alkalines. MJ's extreme micro with the multi...
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    What's the longest throwing compact?

    And when you say "longest throwing" it would be more helpful to know how far out you want to be able to see clearly, and be aware of the size of the lighted patch at your distance. For example, my Tiable A9/A8 at 65 yards puts a fairly bright patch of light down, but the patch is only about...
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    GODZILLA Thrower Wanted!!!!!

    Contact Packhorse. He was offering a divelight about the size of big fat cigar (maybe 1 inch diameter) that he can install an aspheric into, runs on an 18650 (need a button top for best results). Its husky and waterproof to about 1,000 feet, less with the aspheric. I just got it and it is a...
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    What single AA EDC lights you guys enjoy?

    Liteflux LF1 is wonderful, if you can find one. Quickbeam's review:
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    3 18650 cells in a triangle - tube size?

    Easy for you to figure: Tape your three batteries together and stand on a table top on a sheet of paper. Put a straight edge on one side, draw your line on either side of "pack." Repeat for each side of the pack. Fill in the lines to create your triangle. The tube passes throught the...