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  1. kts

    Longest Throw 2 Cell AA Flashlight

    The Fenix E21 throws almost as far as my TK20, I will always choose the Fenix TK20 for outdoors activity, it has the perfect tint and throw.
  2. kts

    Recommendation for 1 AAA keychain light

    How long time have you used the Preon since you recommend it?:poke: I would buy the Fenix LD01, small size and very bright.
  3. kts

    Pocket Friendly Recommendation

    I dont know about build quality and totally solid piston..LOL... This is the latest breaking news for the D10 :crackup: Buy another Fenix and be happy, it seems like theyre the best chinese flashlight maker for now, I got 5 Fenix...
  4. kts

    Reccomend me a small LED torch for nurses