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  1. maukka

    500 lumens for 4 hours?

    Just as a sanity check, no current flashlight using an 18650 will do 500 lumens for 4 hours. That would be 2000 lumen*hours and at an excellent 140 lumens per watt would need a battery with a capacity of 14.3 watthours. No such 18650 exists at the moment. Cold weather makes this task even more...
  2. maukka

    Zebralight H600/H604/H600F MKIV headlamp

    Here's the PID hunting in action when the light is not cooled. Zoomed in
  3. maukka

    Zebralight H600/H604/H600F MKIV headlamp

    Not quite. In room temperature without cooling, it will step down and start wildly oscillating at about 18-20 minutes.
  4. maukka

    Zebralight H600/H604/H600F MKIV headlamp

    Just briefly tested one H600Fc Mk4 sample. Just like on most frosted ZL's, output is quite far from specified (1124 lumens measured @30s vs. 1568 advertised). The tint is great with little difference between modes. Tint shift is a non issue thanks to the diffused lens. Efficacy is mediocre...
  5. maukka

    Zebralight H600Fc Mk IV - First Impressions

    If you want to describe the light's color accurately, you could use the xy or u'v' coordinates on CIE colorspaces or state the CCT (correlated color temperature) and duv (deviation from the black body radiator which i call tint). I also try to present this information in my reviews. CIE...
  6. maukka

    Olight H2R Nova Quick Review (New Improved Tailcap Available Now! See post #32)

    Re: Olight H2R Nova Quick Review No way to know what you're going to get, but I think the current NW versions have a color temperature of 4500-5000K.
  7. maukka

    3000k LED Headlamp

    Olight's NW and CW do vary quite a bit. Some H2R NW samples have been nearer to 5000K. Filters work wonders though. Here's the Zebralight SC600Fd III Plus without and with a minus 1/8 green. Output drops about 10%. Of course they don't help tint shift within the beam or mode shift.
  8. maukka

    Armytek Wizard Pro v3 headlamp/right angle review (18650, XHP50)

    If you charged using a USB2.0 port, it may well take nearly 10 hours to fully charge the battery, since they only supply 500mA. With a 3.0 port you should be closer to the 7 hours I tested. For these sort of problems it is always handy to have an inline USB power meter.
  9. maukka

    Armytek Wizard Pro v3 headlamp/right angle review (18650, XHP50)

    Considering the latest version of the H2R doesn't leak current out of the tailcap anymore, I think it's one of the best 18650 headlamps on the market. The UI is subjective of course, but there's no denying that the Olight is more efficient than the Armytek so you get more out of your battery...
  10. maukka

    Armytek Wizard Pro v3 headlamp/right angle review (18650, XHP50)

    Yes. Anything that has a normal USB charging port (female type A) will work.
  11. maukka

    Olight H2R query

    It's fine to use any high drain unprotected 18650 as long as it has a button top. 30Q, VTC5A, VTC6 all work well. No in light charging of course.
  12. maukka

    Olight HS2 headlamp review with measurements (2x XP-G2, 2000mAh LiPo)

    Disclaimer: The Olight H2R Nova was provided for testing by the manufacturer free of charge The lightweight Olight HS2 headlamp is meant for trail runners, hikers and general outdoor activities. It's powered by a small lithium polymer battery pack but thanks to a Micro USB connector can be...
  13. maukka

    Armytek Wizard Pro v3 headlamp/right angle review (18650, XHP50)

    Yep, they changed the Mk3 tube a while ago but the model name stayed the same. Mine is from October 2016.
  14. maukka

    Armytek Wizard Pro v3 headlamp/right angle review (18650, XHP50)

    Disclaimer: The Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 (White) was provided for testing by the manufacturer free of charge Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 with a magnetic usb charger is the newest version of the high end 18650 headlamp made by Armytek. It sports a Cree XHP50 emitter with heavy emphasis on...
  15. maukka

    Review: Olight H2R NW and CW

    That's super cool! I wish my cheap Flir One could do a multi-point measurement on a video. What do you use?
  16. maukka

    *new* Olight H2R Pro headlamp

    Re: Where are they going? This time Olight got something very right. Just look at these tints on the CW and NW H2R models. Hotspot and two measurements from the spill. That's on turbo. On the lower modes the tint shifts a bit above the BBL, but just a bit, especially the NW is quite nice...
  17. maukka

    Olight H1R Nova headlight review w/ measurements (16340, usb charging)

    Disclaimer: the H1R Novas were provided for testing by Olight free of charge The Olight H1R Nova is the rechargeable version of the superb H1 Nova headlamp derived from Olight's popular S series flashlights. The differences are minimal, so some sections of this review have been copy & pasted...
  18. maukka

    Zebralight H600F c/d mk3 85cri and XM-L 2?

    The H600Fw III would be CRI80, see Zebralight's spreadsheet.
  19. maukka

    Zebralight H600F c/d mk3 85cri and XM-L 2?

    Only have the H600Fd but it is perfect.
  20. maukka

    *new* Olight H1 Nova

    I took some white wall beamshots of the H1 Nova and Zebralight H600Fd Mk3. In person the Zebra is clearly the greener out of those two, but in the photo it looks completely opposite. This is the first time I've encountered something like this. Measurements confirm the visual evaluation: H1 Nova...