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    MTE SSC P7-C quick review: pics, comparisons, beamshots!

    Show me a link. I was just on his website and didn't see anything like it. DX seems to be selling this same light, but now it has a plastic reflector, sku #12623. The flickering problem on this light I now believe was due to the pill not screwed in all the way. When I screwed the pill down...
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    Milky Custom Aleph III Review, Pics, Beamshots, and more

    Re: Milky Custom Aleph II Review, Pics, Beamshots, and more I offered this light to Craig to review because it is an impressive performer. It is also a build Milky can do for any Aleph 3 head. For longer runtimes, I run a Fivemega 2 x 18500 body. The four output levels of the Milky driver is...
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    Jetbeam Jet-III Pro IBS CONSOLIDATED reviews

    Just received the JetBeam Pro III IBS and compared, throw only, with my CL1H 3SD. The JetBeam puts a far greater amount of light on a target, it is not even close. I can try to post some pictures, but I am surprised, because they were about equal in Wattnot's comparison with his CL1H using...
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    Jetbeam Jet-III Pro IBS CONSOLIDATED reviews

    I have the CL1H 3SD. I'm thinking about getting one of these Jetbeams but it seems like the tow light are very similar. The only thing edging me toward buying the Jet III Pro (or the Ultra) is that you can have a low low. That has been my biggest issue with the CL1H, that the low is not very low.
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    REVIEW: Wolf Eyes P7 Sniper

    Comparison of Wayne's EDC P7 and Sniper ...........................EDC.............. Sniper Body length ...........5.3” ...............6” Head Diameter........1.5”................1 7/8” Weight w/o batt...
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    REVIEW: Wolf Eyes P7 Sniper

    Anyone have any idea how this light compares with Wayne's (Elektrolumens) EDC P7 size wise? The both output about the same, with possibly similar beams. The Sniper has different output levels, is about $25 more, and might be a little bigger. I'm so curious how they compare. And can anyone tell...
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    Lumapower MVP Review - 3X Cree - BEAMSHOTS, RUNTIMES, COMPARISONS, and more!

    I'd really like to see a comparison of this light with Wolf Eyes' Thunder. I don't know why the Thunder never took off.
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    AA bargain thrower

    Over the past few weeks I've seen a couple threads where folks were asking for a AA, 2 x AA thrower. I found a decent inexpensive one at DX and just wanted to post a quick note about it. Here is the link: Its a hefty, one mode, rear clicky...
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    Heliotek HTE-1A review

    Why does their website show the HTE-1 as their most current model? Their website makes no mention of the HTE-1a or the use of newer emitters.
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    Tiablo A1 Rebel 100

    I wonder if the Rebel emitters that come in lights we can buy now are outside the production range of the Rebels that were recalled by Lumileds?
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    Horus Titanium FD-1.3

    I want one with that knurling. Just beautiful!!
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    Dosun R1, 2AA light

    Seems expensive at $150 USD. Folks are still looking for that 2 x AA thrower, doesn't look like this is it.
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    Shootout - Olight T10 Q5 / P3D RB100 / Deree CL1H / SL TL-3 / Mag 2D, 3D (Beamshots)

    Anyone have any comments / thoughts about how easy it might be to upgrade the Olight down the road. I like how easy it is to upgrade the Deree.
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    NiteCore Defender Infinity

    Where can CPFers get this light for $60, per selfbuilt's comment below. And if that is the place that everyone complained it took so long to receive the light from, maybe $20 more from Tadgtear is not too terrible for quick shipment.
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    OLIGHT T20 Q5

    Another question about the T20. I am concerned that any small, pocketable light with output over about 80 lumens for a P4/Cree presents heat conduction concerns. 200 or so lumens in such a relatively small form factor has got to generate a lot of heat on max (and probably even one down from...
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    OLIGHT T20 Q5

    Question for anyone about the sequence of outputs. If the T20 comes on with memory mode at, let's say, low, is each successive output stage brighter than the previous (not counting the strobing stuff)? In other words, does it go low, med low, med, med hi, hi. In that order? Or does it jump...
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    Ultrafire Rebel WF-R2 Pocket Rocket Mini Review

    Chazzy: Would be clearer if we referred to these lights as side or tail switch models. You say the EMR1 (tail switch) is brighter on med and low, but supertactical indicates the opposite. So I don't know which way to go with this, though depending what part of beam you are looking at, all else...
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    Ultrafire Rebel WF-R2 Pocket Rocket Mini Review

    Just a quick question for anyone who has both the side and tail switch versions: I saw this information on - tail switch version is 200/50/11 lumens, and side switch is 200/100/30 lumens. DX advertises the same outputs for the side switch version, but has not output numbers for...
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    Mini-review: MTE C2 70601 (multi-stage) and MTE 42180 (single) World's best bargains?

    The single stage is a nice light at a bargain price. I posted a thread about this light a couple months ago and got a lot of great feedback from others who had tried it. A winner for sure. The problem for me with the multi stage is that the output values are too close together. The medium is...