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  1. Dface

    Noctigon Meteor M43

    The world's first review Noctigon Meteor M43
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    Fenix 2014 catalog - new products

    Alternative link to the Fenix 2014 catalog - new products. Download: Fenix 2014 Catalog
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    Lux-RC FL33 T50 review - A Layman's Perspective

    BeastFlashlight, riccardo Lux-RC is developing exclusively on this site. Google translate.
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    Anybody own a Lux FB1 Fat Boy?

    Lux FB1 - $3000 :poof: P.S. Here we can not discuss the FB1
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    Fenix HL30

    Fixing strong. But for cavers, this model does not fit the flashlight. For cyclists a great choice.
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    Rechargeable Fenix RC10 discussion...
  7. Dface

    Fenix HL30

    Thank you very interesting review, it is a pity that in Russian :naughty::naughty: Interesting flashlight. We wait for production models, and full review! I hope that soon there will be in English! p.s. they have found about the Fenix ​​RC10
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    Laser flashlights. Hazardous to aircraft.

    The forum did not find discussions. Very often СNN reported that people indulge in lasers and get to the passenger aircraft. What do you think about whether to ban high-power lasers and what are the laws that may apply to the bullies?
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    Fenix HL30

    del post pls.....
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    FOURSEVENS "X" AA² Review

    Thanks for the review! :twothumbs My friend also bought this flashlight is very happy. Following this review, I thought, too. If you buy, then wait a little review!