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  1. benchmade_boy

    Help Please With a Light For My .22

    What kind off a 22 do you have?any rials at all? I did have a g2 mounted on my 10/22, then I put a U2 on it, then I put a 6P with SW02, then I put my 6p with SW02 on my AR. Let me know a little more about your gun.
  2. benchmade_boy

    What's with the SF SW series of tailcaps?

    Has anyone taken apart there sw02? I got my rear retaining ring off, but could not go any farther. can you upgrade them in any way?
  3. benchmade_boy

    Early SF M3 question

    I had one of the first 300 or so, but it came with a little bit newer turbo head. it had the older bezel as well, but I never trally saw it. BTW I cant see the pic, I dont know what is wrong.
  4. benchmade_boy

    What happened to my A2?

    I just use achahol wipes on mine.
  5. benchmade_boy

    mag charger regular care?

    Hhmmmm.... you know, I would A. buy a Surefire 10X or B. just use my near new Surefire A2 that I love so much and am glad Benchmade_Boy sold to me.
  6. benchmade_boy

    SureFire as an doctors light?

    +1 i let the hot nurse that was taking care of me at night use my U2 ultra, and she loved it, expet for the part where i told her not to use Hi all night and that that would run the batts down, she just didnt understand. but she really loved the light, she siad it was better than running into...
  7. benchmade_boy

    KT4-HA, where to buy?

    If Steven has any still in stock use the CPF30 discount, at i bought mine for 135.00 with the CPF20 discount but it should be cheaper since you can use the CPF30
  8. benchmade_boy

    MN21 in a M4?

    it would not even light up i dont thin, as it needs very high amps to run, not volts.
  9. benchmade_boy

    MN21 in a M4?

    nope i think that will blow the bulb. now you can have 2x18650 in your m4 then it will work. but the MN21& MN20 runs on 9 volts just like the M3T but with higher amperage. hope this helps!
  10. benchmade_boy

    Is this a normal beam pattern for an E1e?

    I just got me a band new E1E from steven at and it has the exact same artifacts in the beam and it really annoys the hell out off me. how much would it change the beam if i frosted the tip? what would i use to frost the tip? thanks!
  11. benchmade_boy

    The lamps and batteries for SF Turbo heads thread

    Re: The lamps and batteries for SF Turbo heads tread does anyone know if a surefire N1 will run on 1x18650?
  12. benchmade_boy

    My EO-E1R and HO-E2A from lumens factory (beamshots)

    what is the runtime on a R123 with the EO-E1R?
  13. benchmade_boy

    Surefire A2 holster options...

    i had John Willis make me an A2 pouch with a side slot for a fisher space pen and 4 1/2 sides and it fit like a charm. my dad also got one from him for his L2. mine cost 25.00 and it is hand made by John willis himself. beleieve me it is top quility work and it will not tear or EVER break, EVER...
  14. benchmade_boy

    Can you use different bulbs in a SF KT1

    Struass- i dont think with two 17670 that would be enogh power to run the MN^! as two 17670's are just 9 volts not 12. but if you bore out the light and put two 18650's you can run MN15/MN16/MN20/MN21 as the M6's lamps are 9 volt. i hope this helps!
  15. benchmade_boy

    Who want a LED drop in for Surefire A2?

    i have had a cree ML-1, and i was nothing compared to my A2 so it looks like i vote that i am boring.
  16. benchmade_boy

    Why are there so many A2s out for sale?

  17. benchmade_boy

    Why are there so many A2s out for sale?

    I am a kid, and i enjoy my surefires. I have had MANY high dollar surefire leds, and none of them ever seem to compare to my A2. especially when you combine it with a custom John Willis holster, you have a great edc setup. I dont get my Light becuase they are "cool," i get them to use while i...
  18. benchmade_boy

    G2. regulated?

    I have no clue:shrug:. Learn to spell!
  19. benchmade_boy

    Pic request : Surefire M3 with SW01 and SW02 (pics of the stock version inside)

    ok go here then go to accesories, then tailcaps, then to the sw02, then a little ways down the page they have a good pic.
  20. benchmade_boy

    Pic request : Surefire M3 with SW01 and SW02 (pics of the stock version inside)

    i have a pic of one saved in my pictures but i am to stupid to post them, can someone please tell me how? thanks!