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    RA clicky high cri (93) beam shots

    They blend in with the green of the grass, You can still make out the purple, but when I hit them with my gaurenteed tint, the contrast is much greater.
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    RA clicky high cri (93) beam shots

    I think he was reffering to the high cri clicky, and not just the high cri, being the high cri clicky only comes in one tint, and thats warm white, around 3600k. It does look very yellow. While we are on the subject, I dont thiink the high cri does that good of a job rendering colors? I can...
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    RA clicky high cri (93) beam shots

    They are indoors. But outside you never even notice the yellow.
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    RA clicky high cri (93) beam shots

    Glad you finally got one! I am a big mcgizmo fan too, but I am more a user than a collecter. I would be so upset if I dropped or wose, lost a mcgizmo light. They are worth every penney, but not the light for me. RA clicky's have the nice beam and tint many lights dont. They have replaceable...
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    Ordered a Arc 6 Yesterday

    Oh yea, the tritium, look for [email protected] in the market place.
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    Ordered a Arc 6 Yesterday

    beam- arc6 tint - arc6 size - arc6 ui - tied toughness - ra runtimes - ra menu options - ra customer service - ra I owned both for several months, the arc6 got more pocket time. It was smaller, lighter, and the beam and tint was the best I ever seen. Though level 7 turned the tint purple bad...
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    Ordered a Arc 6 Yesterday

    I also manage a business, if a part it is out of stock, that is the first thing I tell my customer. I would never dream of stringing some one along like that. Even worse so many people like that. I just think that is wrong from a business prospective. Though a good light, the CS is the worst I...
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    Arc6 defective???

    Per-sev setting one is twisting until the light turns on, setting two is twisting it from setting one two the next brightness, setting three is twisting it stright from off to fully tight, it will by pass level one and two and give you the third setting. You have to twist it fast.
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    Nitecore Quality Poll

    my ex10 had a terrible tint, very ringy beam, but functions good. I cant stand it, but the kids like to play with it.
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    Arc6 defective???

    pm sent?
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    Calling All Clicky Owners! What's Your Favorite?

    I would have to say the high cri. It is the most pleasing to my eyes. I use it the most of all my lights now. I like the Seoul led much better anyway, the tint is much better, I'll sacrifice some throw anyday.
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    Ordered a Arc 6 Yesterday

    Keep us informed.
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    Ordered a Arc 6 Yesterday

    If there biulding as ordered, thats fine. Just tell your customer! dont keep pulling excuses. Alot more people would be understanding with the truth.
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    Ordered a Arc 6 Yesterday

    Same thing with me, I even paid for 2 day air via fed ex. It took almost a month for me to get my light with tons of lies and excuses from arc. I have never been that angry ordering from a "repuatble company" before. Though it was very nice in fit and finish and had a perfect beam and tint when...
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    Does my ideal EDC exist?

    Save up your money and get a ra clicky! It will be worth it. About a year ago I bought the 120 edc model for 99 plus shipping. It looks just as bright as my 140 model.To this day it works as new, best beam and tint, and has all the features you need for a hundred bucks. And they have one hell of...
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    Ra Clicky 170 vs. Arc 6?

    I have had both. I only have one now. Here's what I think. Beam - Arc6 Tint - Arc6 UI - RA clicky Runtimes - Ra clicky The quality is pretty close. Most important to me, customer service - Ra clicky With that being said, I would be scared to hand two hundered dollars over to arc, in fear...
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    Waiting is the worst

    patience young grasshopper :wave:
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    Piston Drive

    There are a couple other lights that use the piston drive, but none that have the ui like nitecore. The other piston drive lights are push for momentary, and twist the head to stay on.
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    Sent Arc a SASE for O Rings

    I love my arc light. But do to the terrible service-shipping-communication, I will probably never purchase from them again. It's alot more than a good product, that makes a good business.
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    Electronic tint control???

    I recently bought an arc6. The tint on this light is far better than any of my other lights. I read some where that the tint is controlled in the lights micro prcessor. If so... I wonder why more companies don't do this same regulation? However,, when I set the light to the highest setting...