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  1. PhantomPhoton

    Ni-Zn from UltraLast

    I'm curious whether they'll handle a ~5A draw and what the voltage sag will be if they can handle it.
  2. PhantomPhoton

    Recommend a good C size LSD battery brand please

    I also bought the Titanium Ultra Fast Smart Charger MD-3000 (the name's a bit over the top imho) to charge the LSD cells up. I'm interested to see if MattK's charger will perform well.
  3. PhantomPhoton

    Lithium vs alkaline

    I'd use cells in this order assuming that we're not talking about sub freezing temperatures... LSD NiMh Lithium Primary LiIon NiCd NiZn (not enough testing to trust them just yet) NiMh "Heavy Duty" Carbon Zinc Shakelight/ Dynamo Light Coin Cell light Chemlight Alkiline :devil:
  4. PhantomPhoton

    Recommend a good C size LSD battery brand please

    I just bought 4 of the Accupower LSD Cs and I'll hopefully get to run them thru their paces this weekend.
  5. PhantomPhoton

    Inside the Notorious DSD Charger

    Mine's an absolute POS. Carefully monitoring in a safe environment I tried an unprotected IMR cell in there. I pulled the plug on testing after the cell was at 4.5V. No more bargain chargers for me... ever. I'm going to try one of LiteMania's new chargers and see how it fares.
  6. PhantomPhoton

    Quality of light from Eneloops v alkalines

    Differences in the light emitted (ie brightness) will depend on the driver circuitry and quality of the LED far more than the cell used. For any decent drive current the Eneloop will perform better. It will stay bright longer before the light dims. There's no comparison, alkaline cells loose...
  7. PhantomPhoton

    getting the most out of my 18650

    With lithium ion cells it's better to recharge them before they're completely depleted. It's perfectly okay to just top off the charge on them. You'll likely extend the cell's service life that way.
  8. PhantomPhoton

    Anyone prefer AA over 123

    I lost any interest in CR123 lights once I found the 18650 cell. Between Eneloops and L91 AAs aren't just as good now as CR123. So for smaller lights I love AA, for something a bit larger 18650. I stopped buying CR123 a couple years ago and haven't looked back.
  9. PhantomPhoton

    Rayovac 4.0 - Huh?

    Funny, I still haven't seen the new 4.0 packaging in store around my area yet (and I have been looking). :mecry:
  10. PhantomPhoton

    upgraded Eneloops

    Only Available in Japan? :ironic: If they do test well... Do I hear a groupbuy?
  11. PhantomPhoton

    Panasonic cleared to buy Sanyo

    Well imho Panasonic makes THE best CR123s period. So I would wager that this merger won't hurt eneloop quality.
  12. PhantomPhoton

    Charging IMR 26500's

    Litemania sells a decent single cell charger for LiIon 26500 size over in the Marketplace. That's the highest quality low cost solution that I've found without having to "ghetto-wire" another charger.
  13. PhantomPhoton

    magcharger battery

    Yes they're both a stick of 5x 1/2 D cells. Pretty much exactly the same thing.
  14. PhantomPhoton

    BatterySpaces 4000mah 26650 cells Graph

    +1 Been wanting another run of those for updated 'C' cell sizes for awhile now. Mac thanks for the updates and the original report. :twothumbs
  15. PhantomPhoton

    RCR123 vs 18650

    Not true at all, really. Voltage doesn't matter with LEDs. White LEDs have VFs ranging from approx 3.2 to 4.0V. Easily driven by a quality buck boost circuit. The example you're thinking of is like I mentioned in my earlier post. A manufacturer not using a quality circuit designed for an...
  16. PhantomPhoton

    RCR123 vs 18650

    18650s are a far better way to do rechargeables for that size of light. Even when considering the slight efficiency hit from using a buck/boost circuit to fully regulate an 18650 one still gets noticeably more runtime at any power level. The only drawback that bothers me with 18650 (besides...
  17. PhantomPhoton

    Toshiba Boosts Energy Density of Li-ion Battery by 50%

    It wouldn't bother me to use cells at 2.4V. I can actually see some benefit. One of the things I've found aggravating is when you have strict voltage range for this or that light, electronic device etc, the higher voltage LiIon cells make it much more difficult. For example, I have a ballast...
  18. PhantomPhoton

    14500 LiFePo at Wal-mart

    A 4-cell Mag star bulb should be slightly overdriven, as should an ROP low. Or you can get a Bipin socket and use some of the G4 bulbs.
  19. PhantomPhoton

    You've got $50 to spend on 24 CR123's... what do you buy?

    All Panasonics would be my vote if I had that option.