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    Bulb with more output for Hella Rallye 4000?

    35? I thought they had a 5W city light, and 100w H1 lamp for all applications (euro, pencil, cornering and fog) versions of the 4000 (which also comes in an HID version, but diff housing i think)
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    RelyOn 250 Lumen Spotlignt/Flood Flashlight

    Why don't manufacturers sell the thing directly? Say, like SF, where you can buy from them and also from their dealers.
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    best HID-style headlights?

    very little light is emitted into the glare-shield (the black or silver cap), since the filament is running N-S, and most of the output is perpendicular to that axis. So as far as the color of the cap making any significant impact, not likely. Disciple: Sylvania XtraVision, or Napa BriteLite...
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    best HID-style headlights?

    higher wattage lamps in different countries? not really, maybe a different lamp design, optics, housing, but generally incand. lamps all around the world for headlamps run about 60w. the wiring may be able to better tolerate overdrive just a little better than domestic cars, but nonetheless it...
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    Spare bulb for Thor

    100w H3 in the baby thor, H4 100/90w in the daddy thor, H4 130/100 in the big daddy thor.
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    Philips 100 Watt H3...Where to buy in the USA?

    H3 for the 3.5mcp, H4 for the 10mcp. former is single filament, single-blade, latter is dual filament, three-blade. not same, not interchangeable. most auto stores will have both in automotive wattages, the higher ones are not legal for road use, and therefore usually found in specialty stores.
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    thor bulb

    the low beam on thor is 90w, and there are no drop-fit single filaments lamps in that aplication either. but yea, that glare shield make for a half moon beam.
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    Philips 100 Watt H3...Where to buy in the USA? has H3 100w (rally) lamps, drop him a line (email link on his site), he usually has these hotrod hotwires in stock.
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    Bored on a Sunday night

    what did the neighbors say?
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    85 Beasts for sale on Surefire website - $2900 ea

    Re: 85 Beasts for sale on Surefire website - $2900 aren't discharge lamps, by definition, regulated in the sense the inverter, which maintains the volts upconversion to sustain the arc, is always putting out enough juice to the keep the arc alive, once ignited. if input is not enough, then the...
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    85 Beasts for sale on Surefire website - $2900 ea

    Re: 85 Beasts for sale on Surefire website - $2900 mebbe inverter to upconvert low volts DC to much higher volts needed to start and sustain arc.
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    HID in flashlights and in cars question?

    blue refracts *more* doesnt it??
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    HID in flashlights and in cars question?

    right, aftermarket accessory HIDs can be had in any flavor, OEM real toys are regulated.
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    HID in flashlights and in cars question?

    all automotive use HIDs that are OEM are around the same temp, mid 4000s K, and shift to high 4000s K with time with 2800-3200 lumens depending on reflector or projector use, respectively. that is for the source arc. the color you see from the output device can be tailored, since different areas...
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    Superlights Shootout II

    what is croc 1? this is the first i've seen and read about it.
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    Does a 100 watt H4 HID bulb exist ???

    I think H4 HIDs are mounted in a housing that has a shield to cut off the upper half (as seen projected on wall) for low, and the shield moves away to get full (high beam). that's how bixenon's usually work with an incandescent high beam lamp adjacent for "flash to pass".
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    New CAR! HID possible?

    i dont know about those, tend to favor the big brands. they may be rebadged; the Napa branded lamps are by Philips Germany, so look to see some name printed on the lamp base. can't go wrong w/ xtravision, good compromise of life/lumens. anything up from there (PVP and OSS) will be quickly...
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    New CAR! HID possible?

    Osram Silverstar or Philips VisionPlus are the top upgrades but not sure they come in 9006 (low) and 9005(high) which i'm almost certain your car has. Second in line are Sylvania Xtravision (pink and black packaging; or Napa something or other, part is 9005/6BL) which are easy to find, about 15...
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    Boosted Thor ~3X output

    Re: Thor Spot Light information the high beam filament on the 130 appears just a tad larger diameter coil and a bit longer, but the specs for the shielded low beam filament are the same for both 100 and 130w units. i'll get some more info and let you know. good point, though.
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    Boosted Thor ~3X output

    Re: Thor Spot Light information nicely done! the stock philips is really something, and more surprising, the 130w Narva is complete rubbish it would seem, at least in this application.