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  1. mvyrmnd

    Just ordered some IMREN IMR 32650 cells for my 2D Maglite!!!!!!!

    Protection's not going to stop that anyway, remember? If you've got a good charger and a driver with a low voltage cut off, you've effectively got all the protection a protection circuit offers, anyway.
  2. mvyrmnd

    Any USB experts out there?

    The light won't have the correct pin wiring / smarts to negotiate power with the 2.1A port. (sometimes cheaper devices bridge pins with a resistor to fool the system, your light probably doesn't even go that far.)
  3. mvyrmnd

    What does CC, CV and dV/dt stand for?

    CC/CV = Constant Current / Constant Voltage The battery is charged to ~80% at a set current - eg 1 Amp. The charger then switches to charge at a set voltage - eg 4.2V and the battery absorbs whatever current it can at those volts. dV/dt = Delta Voltage / Delta Time (read: Change in voltage /...
  4. mvyrmnd

    Power bank hack

    I have one of those that I modified to allow me to swap any 18650 into it. I can then use spare torch batteries to charge my phone, and use it as a travel charger for torches.
  5. mvyrmnd

    Why does expensive gear come with alkaleaks fitted?

    All I know is, I put alkalines in the musical Christmas toys my kids have, hoping to God that they leak while in storage so that I don't have to listen to them again next year. So far my prayers have not been answered...
  6. mvyrmnd

    [Lifehacker article] How often should you fully discharge?

    I have an iPhone. It gets fully discharged by every lunchtime.
  7. mvyrmnd

    New - Nitecore UM20 and UM10 USB Chargers

    The UM20 specs say USB input and output. To me that says "powerbank"
  8. mvyrmnd

    18650 really a battery or just a sngle cell?

    It's a single cell. But people call them batteries just like they call AA's batteries
  9. mvyrmnd

    Do I have to discard ALL my batteries?

    Isn't that smell "flashahol"?
  10. mvyrmnd

    Newbie question -18650s for a custom light

    The 3 batteries run in series, so pretty much any battery will be fine. You need to go back to Watts. 5.5A to the emitter at ~3.7V (a guess, but close enough) = 20.35 Watts 3x18650 in series = (nominally) 11.1V. 20.35/11.1 = 1.85 The draw from each cell in the series will be 1.85A. This is...
  11. mvyrmnd

    Regarding different mAh in 18650

    The misleading bit is this: Standard- (Shorter Running Times) - Ultrafire 6000 mAh, 5000 mAh, or 4000 mAh - GTL 5300 mAh All of those cells are rubbish. There is no such thing as a 4, 5 or 6 thousand mAh 18650. They are fake, often dangerously faulty, certainly misleading and a...
  12. mvyrmnd

    Regarding different mAh in 18650

    The issue with cells in parallel is when one is charged more then another. When connected, the charge will equalise, potentially at a rate higher than the safe charge rate of the cell with the lower SOC, leading to cell damage, failure or darwinism. It's possible to use cells of different...
  13. mvyrmnd

    Duel battery system in car

    I am aware my setup will only charge my aux battery to 80%. I think the 60% figure they give in the PDF is a bit of scaremongering to drive sales. (I'm satisfied from using a watt meter when discharging that mine charges to 80%) I use a mains powered battery charger to top it off on a regular...
  14. mvyrmnd

    Duel battery system in car

    I have my secondary battery (150Ah VRLA) wired in behind the ignition so that I can run it independently (ignition off) Run in parallel (Ignition On) and it will charge in parallel with the engine running. The secondary battery is isolated while cranking to only use the car battery to crank...
  15. mvyrmnd

    Rejuvinator Lead Acid (Gel -Cell?) on Kick starter.

    I suppose, if you were to be recovering enough batteries to save $250, then it would be worth it. I'll wait until the dollar goes over parity again next year :)
  16. mvyrmnd

    Rejuvinator Lead Acid (Gel -Cell?) on Kick starter.

    Build one for 240V and I'll buy it :)
  17. mvyrmnd

    What do I have here? Just more Ultrafire crap?

    I thought Nismo stickers that give your car an extra 10 HP were awesome... the red wrapping gives it 600 extra mAh!
  18. mvyrmnd

    Charging ipads

    It does, but it doesn't :) I'm a Certified Apple Engineer, and as such I have access to some funky testing gear for testing ipads and iphones. So it goes like this: You iphone will only charge the battery at a maxumum of 1A. If the phone is asleep and plugged into it's normal 5W charger, the...
  19. mvyrmnd

    Blazar Button 18650 Any Good

    The Blazar cells are Panasonic cells. I have 4 of the button top ones in my Elektrolumens SR90 and they've been great