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  1. 2000xlt

    HID Beam Pics

    nice shots, just my lone POB here, i wanted to get a side by side with the saint HID but, oh well, the tower is 315 yards away
  2. 2000xlt

    Power on Board(POB) HID first impressions

    WELL for the price fantasic performance see here. the coupola is approx 315 yards away,"i measured it" every time i use it, i say this was a good deal my nextorch saint lights up that coupola too but not like this.
  3. 2000xlt

    this looks cool

    looks like a spot light kind of,, but it an area light with 24 crees
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    nextorch HID charging questions

    OHHH K, The light just changed from red to a greenish color
  5. 2000xlt

    nextorch HID charging questions

    How long is the nextorch supposed to charge?
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    although thats some HEAVY artillery.
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    Just so you know, you really should post more than just a "link" I believe are not allowed to post "just" a link
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    New HID, what do you think

    Yeah it ebay, 1 year warranty, theres a demo video in the ad, with a song aptly named flashlight. what do you think Link removed by moderator
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    Musco to the F5 Rescue

    how much power is that truck using to run those lights
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    POB 6k to 4300k Mod...that was easy

    i'd like to know more about this 50 watt mod
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    need piece for brinkmann

    I lost the tip that screws onto the cig plug for a brinkman 2 mil cp spotlight. Is it possible to get just that part? Thanks
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    Thats a cool story, I personally would not throw a multi thousand dollar light, but i am a believer that it was dong, however a video of that would be quite nice in a demonstration???
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    vector power on board 35w. hid spotlight

    jaybird If you did not get it yet, GET it, although there is alot of debate and comparason and such, its a very good bang for the buck, got mine for under $60 on the bay and it definetly exceeded my expectations. Turning on an HID never gets old
  14. 2000xlt

    Ridiculously Powerful HID to run on 12V Socket?

    who makes this said Mega Illuminator and YES i am searching.
  15. 2000xlt

    Looking for an HID Light (Found and slightly Modified already)

    Re: Looking for an HID Light well for one thing if you have it in your car, like i have my sams in my truck, your always ready, for example if someone happens to be using some type of light for anything, at least you can win!!
  16. 2000xlt

    Looking for an HID Light (Found and slightly Modified already)

    Re: Looking for an HID Light cough cough, uh mm,Did that satisfy your light craveings for a little while, CONGRATS on your light
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    10 HID from battery junction..??

    is it worth $180 with the discount
  18. 2000xlt

    Polarion PH40 HID Tours Downtown Portland

    nice photos, what shutter speed did you use in this pic, i ask because i notice the lights of the traffic on the bridge stretch out