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    Do you sleep with a flashlight attached to yourself

    I have a couple on the nightstand. The rotation changes now and then.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Anyone know the overall length of the MD2? I don't see specs on Malkoff site.
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    Wanted: Surefire 6P Gun Metal Grey

    Looking for a gently used or mint 6P in gun metal grey. Can offer cash or trades. I have a minty L2 with box, 110 lumen E1B, E2L Outdoorsman AA with box, L4 with packaging.
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    Thanks but I am looking for the newest version of the Aviator.

    Thanks but I am looking for the newest version of the Aviator.
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    Looking for a Surefire Aviator in amber

    If anyone has one they are willing to part with I can pay cash or I have some interesting trades of lights and other EDC items.
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Surefire A2L White

    Looking for a mint or near mint Surefire A2L w/white LEDs. Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired Sale Ended: Surefire parts & 6Z, 12Z, MR11, L5-HA-WH new, FM15 red filter

    Re: WTS: Surefire lights & parts 6Z, L2, tailswitches, filters, KL1-GM, Vital Gear I'll take #4 Surefire L2-HA. Please send me your paypal info. Thanks!
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    Surefire Customer Service

    Last year I called them to get an RMA for a light that had a really bad green tint. Spent an hour on hold, only to have a representative ask me over and over again what I meant by green tint, as though I was the first customer to ever complain about this. When I finally convinced him to accept...
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    Sold/Expired WTS : Surefires lights, hosts, shells (worldwide registered shipping)

    I will take the other LX2 if we can all agree on swapping out the tailcaps so they are a better match.
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    The SureFire LX2U-A LumaMax Ultra thread

    They did the same thing with the highly anticipated LX1 a few years back. They floated it out there for the longest time and then scrapped it. Very frustrating.
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    Why are Surefire emitters out of date?

    For a brief moment I got caught up in the lumen madness. But, once I noticed that my 60 lumen E2L or my 45 lumen E1L could light up my backyard for a good distance at night, I realized I didn't need 500+ lumens in a light. Indoors they are useless for my needs, and outdoors I have no need...
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    When did you realise it's not all about the throw or millions of lumens

    For me it was when I got my first RA Clicky. The 120E. It serves all of my indoor lighting needs when I need a flashlight, and it serves it's purpose outdoors as well. I still rotate some throwers in my EDC like the Surefire E2DL, LX2, E1B etc., but more and more I go to lights which have a...
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    HDS Systems EDC #14

    I ordered a 170T on 4 Mar 11, and it arrived around the first week of June. However, it had to go back because the light was heating up after just a couple minutes of use on high setting, and when the lumen level drops after about 30 seconds it blinked once before dropping down instead of just...
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    If you had to give up all your LED flashlights but one, which would you keep?

    It would be a toss up between my Surefire LX2 and HDS 170T. The Surefire L1 is a very close runner up.
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    Threadlocked LED Flashlights [LIST BY BRAND]

    Some of the new Surefire lights are sealed. The 6P, 6PX, C2 etc. Sucks that you can no longer upgrade them with drop-ins now. I wonder just how many warranty issues there were to prompt such a change or if was purely a cost cutting measure.
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    Ugliest brand youve never given a chance?

    Zebralight and Olight. They've got some fugly lights in their line-ups. Olight has a few nice ones, but overall I'm not a fan of either brand just based on appearances.
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    HDS Systems EDC #14

    So I got my 170T today from Henry. After a minute on high mode the light gets fairly hot. Is this normal or does it need to go back?
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    HDS Systems EDC #14

    How easy or not so easy is it to remove the bezel from an RA Clicky? Also, if I wanted to swap the black bezel on a 170T for a silver one on a 120E, are they the same dimensions? Or should I not even attempt to remove the bezel myself at all?
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    The SureFire 6PX/G2X Tactical and 6PX/G2X Pro Thread

    When comparing the beamshot of my 6PX Pro to the E2DL, LX2, and Malkoff M60/M61 against a white wall, the 6PX has a narrower/smaller hot spot and nearly as much flood as the other two Surefires. Probably close to half the diameter. Outdoors, the throw is about equal, but the E2DL, LX2, and...
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    I need to replace sf e2d

    You might want to check out the Surefire 6PX Pro...two modes, first click is low - 15 lumens, second click is high - 200 lumens. Average price is around $100 new.