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  1. PhantomPhoton

    Looking for an UV light.

    This one is pretty good for a general purpose UV light.
  2. PhantomPhoton

    Happiness is...

    ... a mild shade of neutral white. :devil:
  3. PhantomPhoton

    Whats on your new year flashlight shopping list?!

    Titanium Innovations L70 if I can balance my books. A couple Peak Lights are likely. I'm waiting to see what madness shot show brings. Oh and +1 to DIY HID. :devil:
  4. PhantomPhoton

    Poor man's "MULE"? Help please.

    Quark RGB neutral white maybe? Very floody beam and you can lego in a 1xCR123 tube and use an RCR123 if you need it to be more compact than it already is. :shrug:
  5. PhantomPhoton

    Do you have a flashlight budget or do you buy impulsively?

    I budget. Every once in awhile there's something too good to pass up and I'll buy that impulsively... using my budget for impulsive buying. :D
  6. PhantomPhoton

    Why do you keep your old lights?

    I'd say this is about where I am as well. :crackup: But I'm sure it's not as funny to those of you who do live in Canada. This is what I keep telling myself I should do but I just don't ever seem to do it. I've been waiting on V-bin SSC P4s for over 2 years now. :mecry: Maybe I'll get some...
  7. PhantomPhoton

    What's going to be the big surprise at ShotShow2010?

    Surprises, I'm not sure. That's why they're going to be surprises. :naughty: I do predict that we'll see a few manufacturers get their SST/R 90 lights out to the public. I'd be very surprised if any manufacturer releases their product before then... even the ones we've been waiting on for...
  8. PhantomPhoton

    Someone help me...

    You'll hit a limit sometime when you slow down for a couple months... then you'll make up for it and blow a whole bunch of cash another month, then settle down, and flare up... It's a natural cycle. Some escape from it earlier than others. Some of us will never be free. Welcome to the life...
  9. PhantomPhoton

    Red fluorescent Light? Battery powered

    Exactly what I was going to suggest. Many people mistake cold cathodes with fluorescent bulbs. But finding one that runs on a battery out of the box... :p ... good luck with that. They may exist but you're going to have to scour the fringes of the internet to find one.
  10. PhantomPhoton

    List of Lights I think I will buy next year..

    Titanium Innovations (batteryjunction) L70 HID. There is confirmation that it's in the works! :devil: Well driven SST 50 and SST 90 lights, perhaps [email protected], or maybe production lights. Neutral Cree XP-G light using an 18650 with full regulation in a slim profile. (without an annoying cycle...
  11. PhantomPhoton

    Aviator vs. streamlight twin task

    A2 hands down is better. The A2 has respectable throw actually considering the size of the reflector. Beyond that there are A2 aftermarket upgrades available to boost its output. I'm not a big surefire fan, but I bow down to the A2. As for the Streamlight the only thing it has going for it...
  12. PhantomPhoton

    I searc a headlight/flashlight combinaison for use in fire and search and rescue ops.

    For headlamps with long runtimes look into Zebralight. The only issue here is that zebralights are 100% flood and no throw. For a primary very bright light with maximum throw consider an HID. However I do not have a specific HID to recommend because in this case you need durability and...
  13. PhantomPhoton

    What is your longest/farthest throwing light?

    Supernova Short Arc HID DEFT
  14. PhantomPhoton

    Has 4seven's flashlights lived up to the hype?

    It'd be difficult to live up to that much hype. There's been a ton of it. My answer to the OP is almost. Considering how much there has been that's pretty good. Has it lived up to my expectations? No; but my expectations are far beyond the "common" flashaholic's expectations. Only a couple...
  15. PhantomPhoton

    Neutral tint, I get it now.

    A big +1 to this thread. I experienced my first neutral tint from a Dereelight well over a year ago. And from there I got hooked and I've refused to buy more and more lights due to no option for a Neutral tint. The Cree XP-G neutrals aren't available yet afaik, but hopefully we'll see them in...
  16. PhantomPhoton

    My new Inova broke (??)

    I doubt Inova will want to take care of the light, as they were contracted to make the light. My guess is they'll refer you to Victorinox or to Sears. I was never impressed by the quality of these particular lights. :(
  17. PhantomPhoton

    Day carry?

    Just because it's light outside now doesn't mean it'll be light outside later... Likewise it doesn't matter if it's day outside and power goes out when you're inside with no windows. EDC = all the time. Furthermore two is one and one is none. I always have a light, and a backup light, and...
  18. PhantomPhoton

    EDC AA Light that can be used to strike. Suggestions?

    There are two different styles of click switches. Forward, which allows a momentary on, and reverse which you must fully engage (click) before the light will turn on. Forward clickies stick out further and are usually left easier to access, thus protruding from the end for ease of activation...
  19. PhantomPhoton


    I have one of those, works decently well. Never heard of anything else by that name.
  20. PhantomPhoton

    Flood or throw...I dunno!

    30 Feet at 100 Yards is definitely a thrower. Very few lights can get a spot smaller than that at 100 yards. If my mental math is right that's about 3 degrees of divergence from the center axis. :huh: