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  1. Mr Baz

    Long Throw Distance

    I have a Klarus G35 coming in for review (not arrived yet so can't give an opinion), rated to 1000 metres range. On paper it looks pretty nice seems to meet your requirement. For most there are less powerful more compact torches capable of hitting a good range (300-400 metres) depends what you...
  2. Mr Baz

    Olight S1A ?

    Yup I had a normal S1A to review and a copper the copper was longer. The move was to accommodate protected 14500 cells they were a bit tight on the shorter one. I assume all the S1A's in production now have the extra length. Not a big deal if you use AA's but I find the move a sensible one just...
  3. Mr Baz

    Imalent DM21T review

    Not as good as I had hoped I think the idea is great, but it needs more work to refine some areas
  4. Mr Baz

    Olight PL2 (PL-2) Valkyrie Weapon Light: Hands-on and erm get one for nothing!

    Sadly where I am guns are illegal so it's more a hands on look at the light The good news is that's to your advantage because I'm giving one away (so it can get real use) I'll ship worldwide so feel free to enter. I get sent quite a few items so it's time to share :thumbsup:
  5. Mr Baz

    Olight H2R Nova: Unboxing & Hands-on

    I am still working on the review I will be including tests on the battery, charging etc and of course beam shots etc. Takes time to do that properly but making good progress If you have any questions fire away!
  6. Mr Baz

    New From Maglite

    A friend bought me a Mag- Tac years back I wasn't overly impressed with it. I don't want to knock the company because the first half decent light I got was a Maglite (2 x AA) worked for years no problem. Things have moved on a lot, and they were caught sleeping. In fact I'd say they were in a...
  7. Mr Baz

    Olight S1A "Raw Copper" video + beamshots

    Fair points never a bad idea to find areas for improvement. I'd add to that the lockout on the side button. Tints would be nice to have a warmer one like the S Mini has
  8. Mr Baz

    Olight S1A "Raw Copper" video + beamshots

    It's the same size as the S1A Aluminium Head Diameter 0.83 in. / 21 mm Length 3.13 in. / 79.5 mm
  9. Mr Baz

    Olight S1A "Raw Copper" video + beamshots

    Worth a watch it looks identical to the normal Aluminium S1A, but Olight have made the body slightly longer and the cap a bit shorter. This helps with 14500 cells a bit more room as shown in the video I did polish it up just to show the normal look and out of the box, this isn't coated so will...
  10. Mr Baz

    Review: Nitecore Tip 2017

    Bit of a missed opportunity IMO no real reason to look at it over the V2 Tip. I don't mind the idea of a clip as an add on, dumping the lockout was a silly move though. The design required a bit of a re-think make the case material more grippy (not hard to do) and adjust the button height to...
  11. Mr Baz

    Olight S Mini Baton Review (brass version)

    Have to admit I do miss the magnetic base/tail cap from the other Olights, but a nice small size This one has the warmer tint which some might prefer
  12. Mr Baz

    WUBEN I333 (1100lm) LED Torch: Review & Test

    I'd rather it didn't come in turbo unless you leave it at that setting then turn it off. Best to have a memory that way you can decide what you want. It's fairly chunky and longer than most perhaps they are targeting it as tactical it has the style though the beam is a bit more spread out...
  13. Mr Baz

    olight s2 baton or olight s2r baton?

    S30RIII has a normal reflector so you get a bit more beam intensity in the middle Still has a wide throw..the TIR lens on the S2/S2R (and other models) spreads the light around more it diffuses it more even spread. Been the same for every Olight I've tested with the TIR lens (which I quite...
  14. Mr Baz

    WUBEN I333 (1100lm) LED Torch: Review & Test

    This was sent for review by Wuben Overall thoughts it's quite a nice light but the odd choice reverse power level and no memory (defaults to turbo when turned on) are drawbacks for me It is very solid and power output also little to fault
  15. Mr Baz

    Olight I3s-CU and 10440

    I have the i3S in for testing and it does work with a 10440 no mention of it in the manual. The K18 does support that cell too also tested that. Voltages drop like a stone if you let it drain though it didn't blow up recharging. The voltage was so low it thought it was a Ni-MH at first until it...
  16. Mr Baz

    Olight S30R Baton III review

    No bridge throw test but I did freeze it for a few hours without issue :devil: Slightly smaller than the II version a few differences styling and lock-out/timer
  17. Mr Baz

    *2017* Nitecore tip

    I don't have a problem with the lock out on the V2 but I agree it would just make sense to adjust the button design. Removing the lock-out isn't really a good design choice. Nitecore rarely take ideas on-board it's just how they seem to operate they don't even respond to customer issues either...
  18. Mr Baz

    2xAA - less popular as time has gone by?

    I still see a place for 2 x AA torches yes they are a bit longer but you have to understand how universal AA's are. In some regions it's just not that easy to get hold of Li-ion cells. Hence I think there is a need for such torches. I'm a big fan of lithium but 2 x AA torches can kick out a...
  19. Mr Baz

    Olight S2A Baton Review

  20. Mr Baz

    Utorch UT02 Review

    I'd prefer to review items legit but I'm not in a position to know if an item has been ripped off or copied. I just review what I'm sent or that I can buy in with the limited resources I have... if there are issues then the company making a product has to bear that responsibility. Manker are...

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