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  1. xevious

    Surefire Kroma Check In!

    Sorry, I know it's an old thread, but there's not a lot of chatter about the Surefire Kroma. A number of years ago I picked up one along with a U2. My main focus was the U2, which I'd mistakenly thought was the later version that would take 18650 cells... and it did not. It has the newer LED...
  2. xevious

    What Happened to Zebralight R&D?

    So essentially, it sounds to me like you're implying that the Yao's are practicing a deception. By having a physical company location in the USA, they're claiming they're a US based company while in actuality all production and assembly of their lights is in China? I guess by being a private...
  3. xevious

    What Happened to Zebralight R&D?

    NICE! I just saw that. The XHP50.3 is very recent. That's not a usual Zebralight move. I hope this means they'll be looking into 519A.
  4. xevious

    What Happened to Zebralight R&D?

    ^ I'm curious, did you ever meet the Hurdy Gurdy man? 😄
  5. xevious

    What Happened to Zebralight R&D?

    Sorry, I know this is somewhat of an old thread (at least it's not 2 years!), but I have a related question -- does anyone here know if Zebralight ownership has remained consistent since inception? This company is so small, there's not even a Wikipedia entry for it. There is a FlashlightWiki...
  6. xevious

    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    You're welcome! Yes, and it's cheaper on Battery Junction (got mine for $3.95).
  7. xevious

    ZEBRALIGHT REVIEW – 2 Malfunctions in all 4 lights

    Kind of surprising to hear of anyone having an over 50% issue rate across a range of 10 ZL flashlights. I've never had an issue with the 3 I've owned. I started out with an SC52w. I wasn't crazy about the tint and shift, but loved everything else about the light. Later I got the SC64c LE that...
  8. xevious

    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    A great advantage of the FW3A is the wide availability of options to customize your light as you see fit. Few flashlights of this caliber make such an offering. First, it's great having the Carclo optics, as many different types are available, as I posted about earlier (LINK). Second, with more...
  9. xevious

    Pic heavy!!! Review Lumintop FW3a - In a Layman's viewpoint

    Same here. I use turbo to charge up my GITD optical insert. Otherwise, I tend to be conservative with output. I set stepped ramping (10 levels). Often on moon or within first few, then towards upper range when I'm out walking. Every so often, blast turbo in dark places. Anduril is a great UI...
  10. xevious

    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    Wow! I love it. Looks super rugged. Dig the clip. Trit slots. I'm definitely going to get one of these, if the price is not too outrageous.
  11. xevious

    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    I followed the same solution. I tried the 3/16 o-ring and found it a bit too firm. So I went one step lower. 5/32. That worked out great for me. It's firm, but not overly so, and still won't accidentally activate.
  12. xevious

    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    Nice to hear of another happy FW3A customer. I have an early release with SST-20 4000k, and I love it. The Anduril UI is truly amazing. I've customized mine a bit, but very inexpensively. The GITD insert is terrific to have.
  13. xevious

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    And you picked up a pre-owned Zebralight SC52w too. ;)
  14. xevious

    [First Impressions] Nitenumen TK25 Tactical Flashlight 18650

    Nitenumen TK25 Tactical Flashlight The TK25 tactical flashlight was released in early 2019 as part of the Nitenumen Multitask Hybrid Series. CREE XP-L V5 LED that is rated to produce 1060 lumens 150 hours run time on low, nearly 2 hours on highest mode (with thermal step down) Powered by...
  15. xevious

    REVIEW: NITECORE EC4GTS 2X18650 XHP35 HD 1800 lumens

    Any noticeable difference in parasitic drain in the EC4GTS from other EC4 series Nitecore flashlights?
  16. xevious

    PWM - What is it, How does it work and how to detect it.

    The only flashlight I still have where it's possible to hear inductor whine is on the NovaTac 120P, when running in a low enough mode to trigger PWM. But it's so incredibly faint to my ears, I'd only hear it if I kept the light within an inch of my right ear (left ear is somewhat damaged and...
  17. xevious

    Very difficult NOT to love AAA's these days.

    ^ You're welcome, Jon! And thanks for all your great photos, especially of the RRT-01 In AAA form, the added weight isn't all that much of a concern all things considered. But copper is inherently softer, so if you drop one of those beauties on a hard floor... heartache. :caution:
  18. xevious

    PWM - What is it, How does it work and how to detect it.

    Jeff, thanks for bumping this old topic and refreshing it with new material. Great stuff! :twothumbs The only light I use these days that has noticeable PWM is a RovyVon Aurora A8. If I'm using it alone, not any other lights for a good long while, the PWM doesn't bother me all that much. But...
  19. xevious

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    My last LED light purchase was an FW3A. I got in on the 1st round, so it has the loose tailcap assembly. Some very minor QC issues but nothing glaring for the price paid. It almost displaces my Zebralight SC64c LE for top spot... but the ZL wins out on build quality. FW3A definitely wins out...
  20. xevious

    Whats your Summer EDC?

    I had 2 troubled TIP CRI lights by Nitecore... and abandoned it for small EDC, going instead with RovyVon. However, the new TIP 2 looks pretty nice. Not jumping on that early... waiting to see how well it does with the flashlight community. QC is inconsistent with this company by model...

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