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    Thrower Comparison: Revised

    I'm surprised that the Sunlite didn't generate more interest. I may purchase their 16 watt to see what they've done. I just don't like that in order to get a two stage light, one must purchase their body with proprietary Li ion battery. If you want to use your own 18650's, then the only body...
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    Greatest thrower SC60 sized or smaller?

    That is not exactly true, but it may rule out production lights. There are optics, not aspherics, such as made by Ledil and Fraen, but then you would likely be entering custom territory.
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    Thrower Comparison: Revised

    I like it!
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    Thrower Comparison: Revised

    No thanks. That's a bit beyond me.
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    Thrower Comparison: Revised

    run4jc and DM51: Thank you both very much for your comments. Yes it quite a bit of work, more than I thought it would be. One gets better at it I suppose. For example, My first photo shoot took two evenings, 2nd evening was a re do, but I didn't like the results and discarded them. For the...
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    Thrower Comparison: Revised

    After purchasing Ma_Sha's "King of Throw", I decided to do a thread comparing my throwers. Most of these are custom, some are built from readily available components, and a few are production pieces. For me, a thrower is a useful light that meets two tests: 1) puts enough light on a target...
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    How many flashlights do you own?

    I now have 4 potent throwers and that is too many. When I figure out which one I must part company with, I will be glad to give you first dibs by pm.
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    How many flashlights do you own?

    No reason to get unfriendly. I was only inviting a new member to share - and he did. So what you thought was a dumb question now makes you look dumb. How's your foot tasting tonight, or are you making too many assumptions to notice?
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    How many flashlights do you own?

    Admit what??
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    Sorry to do this, but EDC AA light?

    Forget steel, too heavy. Forget smooth, can be very inconvenient at the wrong time. You're probably fine, and would be happy, with the Jetbeam PA01. ITP A2 1st impressions: I believe the JB on high is...
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    "A Floody Floody Night"

    I thought VanIsleDSM recommended against using IMR's with his drop ins?
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    Drop in for 6P with most throw?

    Yes, that is a good advice. I've got lots of dropins and I lean toward throwy. The M60 (I have the M30) is the most throwy.
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    Odd request for an LED flashlight.

    I was also in the market recently for a really low output light. Maybe someone has already mentioned this, I just didn't have time right now to read through all the posts, but a AA light with an extraordinarily low low, was the 4Sevens Quark AA. The low low is rated at .2 lumens. Around...
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    "Flydragon" sst-90 monster with big aspherical lens

    I love aspherics and could possibly get one of these. But a light using multiple Li ions is a dangerous proposition. I would never run a light with 6 18650's. That's an explosion waiting to happen. Even if they are 6 AW's. It is doable, but you've got to run the light for a few minutes and...
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    Love for the old LED lights?

    I have an Inova X5 that sits by my back door. I frequently take it for short distance stuff like going into the garage. I have an old Peak 1 x AA multi emitter light that is always in my car. Forgot the name (Matterhorn?) but it is the best light to change a tire with. I have another Peak 1...
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    Any other 400+ lumen lights close to 6P size?

    Now there is the MG P-Rocket with SST-50 at Shiningbeam for $70, about 500 lumens out the front.
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    Looking for an SST-50 single 18650 flashlight

    I just spent quite a bit of time researching what is available along your lines for a friend of mine. The best I came up with was a $75 Nailbender MC-E drop in, and a used 6P host for $35 I picked up on BST. That's $110 with a used host. I'm not sure your criteria exists. Nailbender's 3...
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    Surefire 6P Question

    Keep your eyes on Moddoo's drop ins. He was offering the 3 x XP-E with optics for throw and flood. I got the throw and its pretty floody, so I got to think the flood is really floody. Nailbender's P7's (I assume) and MC-E's (I got two) are fairly floody. Malkoff's flood drop in is the best...
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    Questions (getting started) EDC - PD30r4 vs Quark18650

    Your output will not change if you go to an 18650 as compared to an RCR123. They are both nominally rated at 3.7V, you simply have more reserve with an 18650. You should have no problem with the lights performance if you start with a Quark designed for a single 123 battery. Don't get a AA...

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