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  1. wolfstyle

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies

    Will these be offered as complete lights? Incandescent and LED?
  2. wolfstyle

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Nitecore EC4SW ToolVN Hoping they arrive before Christmas
  3. wolfstyle

    What lights are you gifting this Christmas?

    Jetbeam C8 to my brother and BLF 348's to a few others in the family.
  4. wolfstyle

    What lights are on your purchasing radar?

    The next light I'm buying will be the Nitecore EC4SW. No experience with the MT-G2 emitter and this seems like a good model to try it in.
  5. wolfstyle

    Buying a T1A

    I'm wanting to buy a surefire T1a Titan however I want to buy it locally. I'm located in Virginia Beach. So if anyone knows of a store that sells them let me know. Thanks, wolfstyle
  6. wolfstyle

    Surefire Decals

    I'm interested. Just let me know. wolfstyle
  7. wolfstyle

    Zippo ZipLight

    All I have are the inserts, none of them came with any special cases. I have one that I bought converted to an led and runs off of lithium watch batteries CR2032 maybe. I bought it from a guy that does these conversions on new old stock that he bought. Here is the link to his site with all the...
  8. wolfstyle

    Zippo ZipLight

    If you do sell I would want it unopened. I have 3 or 4 ziplights all ready and this would be for my collection. wolfstyle
  9. wolfstyle

    Zippo ZipLight

    I'm interested in one if your going to sell any. Let me know. wolfstyle
  10. wolfstyle

    Where to find best price for SF-G2?

    Gander mountain has camo G2's on sale for $24.95. wolfstyle
  11. wolfstyle

    I'm glad I didn't go on a buying spree...

    I'm interested. wolfstyle
  12. wolfstyle

    Just bought my first E1e...

    What shop did you get it at?
  13. wolfstyle

    NEW SS bezel for surfires....

    For those of you that have gotten the bezel and the key, what did it cost? If the price is right I'll probably get both. wolfstyle
  14. wolfstyle

    e1e vs e1L

    Is the only difference between these two lights the head and the body writing? wolfstyle

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