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    This forum is the LED forum, your question is about incandescents... Try posting the question here:
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    Recomend me a Weapon Light

    Zero chance that any of those rifle rounds were hitting the light dead-on. Most of the rounds fired were hitting dirt. Some may have grazed the body, but none were a direct head-on hit. A .223 or 7.62x39 will go right through the light.
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    Choosing a nightstand light

    HOLD the button down. The light will come on in low, and then cycle up to medium and then high (when you release the button, it will stop cycling and stay in the mode is was in when you released the button). So...hold down the button, light comes on in low, release the button to leave it in low.
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    Recomend me a Weapon Light

    Olight M3X There are plenty of ways to offset the light far enough away from the weapon so that it does not interfere with anything. For the distances you are talking about, spill will be somewhat important. The 22lr drops a LOT at those distances, while your light's beam will not. Let's...
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    Leaving the Country need help with choosing a good dependable light.

    If you're going to be backpacking, definitely go with a Zebralight H51F or H51Fw. If you're not backpacking, then a Zebralight SC51F or SC51Fw If you like doing things like reading in bed with a flashlight, then get the H51F or H51Fw (whether you're backpacking or not). The Zebralight...

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