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    Salam kepada baginda maharaja sentoloper \o/

    Salam kepada baginda maharaja sentoloper \o/
  3. sandalian

    Surefire 6P drop in updates?

    My recommendation is Lumens Factory's D26. Single mode, 550 to 700 lumens depending on model. But I'm afraid it'll still get hot for long period of operation.
  4. sandalian

    14500 batteries for this old timer LED flashlight

    I had this Olight battery and it's longer than any other 14500 batteries I have (about 1-2 mm difference). If you purchase a new battery and the spring is too short, you can always pull it with a plier to make the spring a bit longer. Pull it gently, otherwise it may teared off from the PCB.
  5. sandalian

    Zebralight H53c LE Review

    I purchased this headlamp with a help from a friend because they no longer serving non US customers. This is very short review but I hope you find it useful.
  6. sandalian

    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Agree for Lumens Factory.
  7. sandalian

    One is none

    I only carry a phone, no backup. But I carry at least 2 flashlights, even on daylight.
  8. sandalian

    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I'm expecting to receive a new H53c LE within a few days. I can't wait.
  9. sandalian

    Novatac: Legends Never Die

    Those are amazing Novatacs!
  10. sandalian

    The Malkoff Front Porch

    With Malkoff drop-in.
  11. sandalian

    What flashlights have you lost?

    I couldn't find my Skilhunt H04 anywhere, I hope it's not lost.
  12. sandalian

    Malkoff Picture Thread

    A Malkoff inside.
  13. sandalian

    Surefire 3P upgrade

    I agree with you. Malkoff might not expensive but the shipping to overseas (for those who don't live in the US) will increase the price quite significant. Meanwhile, I'm currently waiting for my Malkoff drop-in to arrive within a week or two.
  14. sandalian

    Surefire 3P upgrade

    I agree. I had Lumen Factory's drop-in and the build quality is great. Mine was warm white D26, tint and color temperature was very much similar to Surefire's incand drop-in.
  15. sandalian

    Surefire 3P upgrade

    Try Malkoff drop-in or Lumens Factory's.
  16. sandalian

    Hands Free Light For Around The Campfire?

    I sometimes use a headlamp as a necklamp whenever possible.
  17. sandalian

    Backwards in time

    Have you heard about Lumens Factory? They build P60 drop-ins with LED inside that has similar characters to incand.

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