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  1. Mr Baz

    New Nitecore Superb Charger - SC4

    I'll probably buy one to review on my channel, looking as the specs it would appear to be closer to a D4 replacement in terms of functionality. Could be a while before it's available to buy, let's hope they've sorted out their termination issues and heat problems. The last batch of chargers new...
  2. Mr Baz

    Charger not just for flashlights

    I have a few jump start Li-ion packs they do work well but as said most can't be replaced cells wise easily. Saying that they should last for some time unless you are a very heavy user on the power bank function. For that reason I keep one for jumping and another power bank for phones etc. If I...
  3. Mr Baz

    Recommend me a 16340 and charger...

    For a charger if it's a single slot you are after the Klarus K1 is good also has the 500mA charging suitable for smaller cells
  4. Mr Baz

    Test/Review of Charger Xtar VC4

    The old version ie box came with the sticker on the charger all the 10 year Xtar ones I've tested have a separate card inside with the verification code on that. I wouldn't be suspicious unless that card isn't included
  5. Mr Baz

    ** PROBLEM SOLVED**: Why is Nitecore i4 charger terminating at 4.11v?

    Re: Why is a new Nitecore i4 charger terminating 18650's charge at 4.11v? For Li-ion not really a good idea to do a top off charge it should just terminate and that's it, they don't lose a lot of voltage not like Ni-MH which drops a fair bit even in storage for a while assuming the cell is in...
  6. Mr Baz

    Oztough ANG1 USB charger video review/test

    Bought this off ebay pretty cheap..however USB output is poor either doesn't work on some devices or very slow Does a decent job charging Ni-MH and Li-ion but not suitable for smaller Li-ion cells unless you can use a lower power USB 2.0 port Passable for bigger cell users. Strangely button...
  7. Mr Baz

    Miboxer C2 Video review/test

    Sample was supplied by the company I also reviewed the C4 before this Some final thoughts I prefer this to the C4 it terminates properly (my version of the C4 applied a trickle charge) Would prefer micro/type C connector Manual charging current would be useful to have Voltage readout is live...
  8. Mr Baz

    ** PROBLEM SOLVED**: Why is Nitecore i4 charger terminating at 4.11v?

    Re: Why is a new Nitecore i4 charger terminating 18650's charge at 4.11v? New i4 isn't a great charger I reviewed it gets very hot a problem for Ni-MH and it tends to undercharge Li-ion though my test it wasn't as much as that. The i2 was even worse
  9. Mr Baz

    Which battery charger?

    Higher output chargers are more expensive that's what "pay for it" means ie cost more. Fair enough if you use lots of cells and need faster charging it's not a priority for all though. I always test using a voltmeter not the charger display I have seen variations in the same models different...
  10. Mr Baz

    Which battery charger?

    You should test the voltage straight after termination if it's coming in 4.14/4.15v for new condition cells it's not fully charging them. I use an accurate volt meter for this. A lot of chargers don't fully charge cells not a major problem if it's a little under some prefer that. Good charging...
  11. Mr Baz

    Which battery charger?

    The quality of charge varies significantly that's a key point not all chargers do well with Ni-MH the new I4 and I2 fall down here. Yes fast charging is nice but you'll pay for it for 1.0 amp on all 4 channels. I have so many cells I really can't say I need fast charging on all channels but hey...
  12. Mr Baz

    Which battery charger?

    If you don't need to more advanced features the D4 and VC4 re pretty solid I did a comparison here: To date they are the most consistent I have tested the new i4 is OK for lithium not ideal for Ni-MH new i2 the same both seem to under charge. My vote is the D4/VC4 or possibly the VC2 plus Master
  13. Mr Baz

    Lidl red Tronic battery test

    I tried a few batches of cells for Aldi and Lidl neither were great though Aldi ones seemed to hold up better. Discharge is a problem on both honestly they are completely outclassed by cells like Odec (you can get them on Amazon) my advice is not to bother.
  14. Mr Baz

    best nimh charger that runs off usb?

    Depends on the light I have a 4 panel solar set up and it can pull half decent rates but on overcast days the rate drops off a lot. My panel is 25W so I would suggest around that level the smaller ones struggle a bit in less ideal lighting. I find the 25W obviously a decent step up from the...
  15. Mr Baz

    Xtar VC2 Plus Master Charger - Review I've tried to cover as much as possible on the charger. I personally am not a fan of the new LCD display with the timer/% status only because Xtar don't have a voltage readout. The timer isn't accurate for early stages of charging. Termination though...

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