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  1. old4570

    First mod: ITP A1 + xp-g2 @ 1.4A

    When I moded some , it took a lot of heat , and I mean a lot .. Still there ...
  2. old4570

    My Skyline 2 modified to XM-L @ 1.4A

    Yes , the white walls tend to bounce back a lot of light .. [ To much light ] Yeah , 450L is a little much for the back yard , I find around 250L is about right to see really well .. One day I will have to look into re programming the drivers .. [ Multi mode drivers ] Due to the Skyline...
  3. old4570

    My Skyline 2 modified to XM-L @ 1.4A

    Well , when I first got the Skyline 2 , I was like , Im not going to mod this light ! Then the XM-L emitters came out , and I was like , " I should mod the Skyline 2 " [ Then I had to go to school = Bummer ] Well , Schools out , and Ive been catching up on my home work [ Modifying Flashlights...
  4. old4570

    Looking for a guide on rebuilding & potting Solarforce XML and XPG drop in P60 bulb

    Re: Looking for a guide on rebuilding & potting Solarforce XML and XPG drop in P60 bu Hmmm . everyone has there way of doing it ... Some things to think about ... Do you isolate the driver ? [ coat it to make it non conductive ] What potting material - Non conductive thermal compound ? Are...
  5. old4570

    Question about input voltage for solarforce drop-ins

    Yes U can ... [ Use the 3-18v / more like 3 to 9v ] Yes , better regulation @ 8.4v Why use the 0.8-4.2v drop in , better selection of batteries ... I can run single / AAA - AA - 14500 - CR123A - 16340 with an adapter , and 17600 - 18650 - 18500 as well as the 3 x AAA ... If your into...
  6. old4570

    Best way to get a forward clicky on a Solarforce L2i?

    Romisen forward clicky switch ... Head on over to shiningbeam , they sell them , its just a straight out swap + offers more internal space for that 18650 If you wan to continue using AAA the carrier will need to be trimmed to reach further into the tailcap to make contact ...
  7. old4570

    Solarforce Skyline I to XM-L (how not to mod a light!)

    If mem serves , I used a knife tip , and just very gently pried it out ...
  8. old4570

    Solarforce Skyline I to XM-L (how not to mod a light!)

    Just open up the head so you can see the emitter , remove the cover over the emitter - protects the contacts from shorting .. Then un solder the wires , replace the emitter , re solder , and that should be it ...
  9. old4570

    Full Blown DIY - Pull your ITP AI apart Guide

    No - The factory driver is almost oval in shape .. This is so as to make contact with the lower part of the body ... A normal round driver , may need some solder pads to contact the lower body well , or you may have some serious issues with how the light runs . Look at the picture of the...
  10. old4570

    Full Blown DIY - Pull your ITP AI apart Guide

    Well , ever since converting a ITP A1 to XM-L , there has been a steady flow of PM's , so here is as detailed guide to pulling your ITP A1 apart ... Lets start with a 3 mode ITP A1 - I did say detailed right : Ok I use a needle [ sewing ] to pull the O ring out from the lens .. Slowly...
  11. old4570

    How to open a ITP A1 EOS

    Ooops sorry .. O ring at lens , I used a fine needle and pulled it out before applying heat ... The last ITP was the toughest , and literally made a popping sound when the glue let go , but I needed so much heat the emitter melted well and truly . Anyone wanting to save the driver - Its a...
  12. old4570

    Dead XM-L- how can I check the driver?-IT"S ALIVE!

    Re: Dead XM-L Yeah , I usually use a AA x 2 holder [ 3v ] for testing the emitter , if it lights up its alive .
  13. old4570

    Ultrafire C3 Mod Question

    Use the original driver .. I have a Trustfire F20 I simply swapped in a XM-L and it works just fine ..
  14. old4570

    Nitecore EZ 123

    Just wondering if anyone could post a picture of the driver from the back with the spring , I would need to see the whole thing , thank you . I cant find a decent picture .
  15. old4570

    Correct Configuration + -

    Thats OK .. Worked it out with the MM ...
  16. old4570

    Correct Configuration + -

    Anyone know the correct configuration ? of this driver
  17. old4570

    ITP A1 EOS XM-L U2 Mod

    Top picture is the XP-G R5 mod , and the one below that is a Factory stock ITP .. I was able to save the factory driver for the XP-G R5 mod . Two very interesting mods : So anyone thinking of moding there ITP A1 .. ? Remove the driver before you attempt the mod : Yes this is tricky ...
  18. old4570

    ITP A1 EOS XM-L U2 Mod

    For testing I was using a cheap Ebay unprotected RCR123A [ 16340 ] as I was trying to limit current , a IMR may push output/current even higher ... :ooo: Though why would you want to ? I think Medium takes care of business . [ But thats just me ] I ran high for up to around 30 seconds and...
  19. old4570

    ITP A1 EOS XM-L U2 Mod

    Tint on this one was 1B , seems nicer than the 1A ...
  20. old4570

    ITP A1 EOS XM-L U2 Mod

    Stock ITP on high VS Modified ITP , just to give you an idea of the increase ..

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