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  1. M@elstrom

    Flashlight for OLD person!

    Never had an issue with Maglites... but I did with other's using generic el-cheapo off the shelf PR bulbs, bulb quality was a real consideration during the era of incandescents. As for suggestions, how about a worklight? Or Energizer Hardcase angle/pivot head?
  2. M@elstrom

    Led Lenser upgrade

    Each to their own, how much brighter would you want to go? Will there be sufficient thermal mass to keep the emitter cool? The emitter looks like a Luxeon series most likely the 5w variant, I used to pick up the el-cheapo Kmart 3D aluminium lights with the 1w emitter and swap in the 5w...
  3. M@elstrom

    [Review] Lumintop Tool AA ver 2

    I checked a amperage at the tailcap whilst cycling modes on both the Alkaline AA & 14500 cells, the Alkaline was hovering around 2A (Turbo) but the 14500 couldn't match this and almost immediately backed off, I can only surmise the 14500 I have to be insufficient.
  4. M@elstrom

    [Review] Lumintop Tool AA ver 2

    Perhaps... the 14500's are old protected Ultrafire 900mAh cells, new batteries rated for higher discharge rates may perform differently, the light gets quite warm in turbo but only visibly steps down running on the 14500. For it's size it is still a very useful and bright light, I just wanted...
  5. M@elstrom

    [Review] Lumintop Tool AA ver 2

    Well I pulled the trigger and found this to be lighter and smaller than I had imagined (previously EDC'd an Energizer TAC 1AA), nice output but I don't really see a difference between the Alkaline and 14500 Li-ion on turbo, I do note the turbo step down but only using the 14500, I suspect I need...
  6. M@elstrom

    Name the most important thing you have found out in your life!

    You wouldn't wish for a bystander to step in and assist one of your family members (perhaps a Child or Elderly Parent) if they were in trouble? Where would the world be if not for the sacrifice of the WW2 generation?
  7. M@elstrom

    Name the most important thing you have found out in your life!

    I refute that concept, genocide amongst the other evils committed by society (or the individual) are deeply rooted in "me first" greed model. Unless you have a warped moral compass, knowing what is the right thing to do isn't the challenge.
  8. M@elstrom

    Name the most important thing you have found out in your life!

    Doing what is right, isn't always the easiest path...
  9. M@elstrom

    Surefire 6P questions

    Indeed... two is one but 3 is too much on a duty rig, I suppose a small AAA or AA light could ride on a chest rig or in a utility pocket, really depends on style/configuration of duty rig worn, everyone's needs are different 👍
  10. M@elstrom

    a what point do you stop collecting ?

    I went cold Turkey for few years but recently picked up 2 i3E EOS Olights.... such output for such a little package 👍
  11. M@elstrom

    Lookin' for the some "Old Timers" forum members

    LED technology has certainly changed since way back then... higher CRI lights etc. Biggest issue I see is sourcing replacement incandescent bulbs ☹
  12. M@elstrom

    Lookin' for the some "Old Timers" forum members

    What is this heresy? 🤣 I still carry a Streamlight Stinger at work everyday to compliment my high mileage Klarus XT11, I admittedly use it rarely but appreciate the warmer light on those odd occasions 👍
  13. M@elstrom

    Being Seen From Oncoming Traffic

    I cycle to & from work between 4 & 5AM during the week and find continuous white light the most useful, my headlamp has a rear facing bright green LED but I have not had any issue with not being seen by other road users, the high output is also off-putting to would be trouble makers I have...
  14. M@elstrom

    Default Where to find Energizer PUL3BU1 light, or one like it?

    Should you not be able to restore your present light, would you consider a pocket mounted light? a few come to mind the Quiglite PRO, Skilhunt PL1 or Night Seeker pocket light essentially it clips into your shirt pocket and you tap it on/off 👍
  15. M@elstrom

    Flashlight / torch use by the public less common?

    I mostly rely on my night adapted vision but always carry a low/high output light for use as the requirements change... each to their own.
  16. M@elstrom

    Show your beat up light.

    I had an Inova T3 a couple of years ago, nice light sold it on eventually (regretful sale) but the Anodizing was indeed top notch 👍
  17. M@elstrom

    Show your beat up light.

    My most beat up light is a Jetbeam Jet III-M (R2) from 2009 so well over 10 years old, spent most of it's life (when not in use) in a nylon pouch, the stainless steel bezel protected it well when accidentally dropped.
  18. M@elstrom

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Q: What did you use your flashlight cor today? A: Same as always... to chase the darkness away :laughing:
  19. M@elstrom

    Surefire A2 Aviator bi-pin adaptors/Tad's customs

    What an interesting development, I have read the entire thread and visited Tad's site but am unable to determine the dimensions of the bi-pin bulbs supported in these adapters, hence my question... are these bulbs the same dimensions as a Streamlight Strion bi-pin?
  20. M@elstrom

    JetBeam RRT-15 Operational failures

    Re: JetBeam RRT-15 18500 battery issue... Well the light has degraded further still... once again out on Patrols the light failed, 18500 cells had been fully charged and have since been checked as AOK, placing 2 18650 cells yields the same results this morning specifically stepping down to low...

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