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    LED Search Light

    Good thought. Be aware though that (to my knowledge) most bike lights have thermals designed with higher airflows in mind. Bike mounted = lots of cold air to help keep the LED cool. You may find these lights to overheat and / or shut down when being handheld. Just something to bear in mind.
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    Picture of your GIZMO !

    Just stumbled across this - dayum boy, that is one sweet light!! I don't mind if it's in the wrong thread, I'm glad you posted. Nice!! Just stumbled across this - dayum boy, that is one sweet light!! I don't mind if it's in the wrong thread, I'm glad you posted. Nice!!
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    Anyone edc a surefire?

    TL;DR - Yes, ultimately overdriving would probably be the best summary. This was from a more innocent time when I hadn’t looked into the effect of circuit design and component selection on thermal management and emmiter lifespan. Potting of course interfered with the thermal side of things...
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    Anyone edc a surefire?

    @knucklegary & @ilikeguns40 Haha, yeah I wear my lights pretty hard. Between myself, my Dad and my large family, we have a lot of "torches", as we call them here down under, and they get a massive amount of use put on them in our line of work. We take good care of our gear, but both Dad and I...
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    Anyone edc a surefire?

    I confess I've always been partial to the looks of the older generation Surefire lights. But when they could be had I couldn't afford them. I got a Solarforce and modded it instead! =) I've always meant to get a stock 6P or something just to put some use on it. I stuck with that Solarforce...
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    boring a 6p

    I have the proper tooling for boring, did three heavily-used Elzetta Bravos just the other day. I use adjustable reamers to keep it centred, and then polish with sandpaper for a nice finish. These went out to 18.70mm for a snug fit on Panasonic 3500mAh wrapped cells.
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    {{ Stuff that just works }}

    Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer collaborated on the ZT0562TI folding knife. No-nonsense functionality in a top quality folding knife. Has never let me down, unlike not one but two other knives, which left their marks on my hands when their respective locks broke…. (No I wasn’t misusing them...
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    Is the (flashlight) "save" dead?

    I was started many moons ago by a friend who gifted me a Mini Maglite - a treasure indeed back then - and a folding knife. I was hooked, and have pretty much never been without a good light and knife ever since. Nowadays I carry an Elzetta Bravo AVS flood which I bored for 18650s. I own it...
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    Elzetta Limited Edition

    Doesn’t the speed clip work with the Alpha?
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    Expansion tube for Elzetta Alpha

    Nice work! Keen to do something like this for my Bravo. I've bored it, (properly) and am considering modding an old Solarforce L2 extension tube I have, so as to be able to run two 18650s. The only consideration is that Solarforce run their ID (internal diameter) at 18.85mm, whereas I like a...
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    bykfixer, I'm pleased to say it was your post that tipped me over the edge into laying down my hard-earned cash on an Elzetta Bravo with the flood lens. I was considering throwing a Malkoff into my very, VERY well-worn (almost through the tail stand ring) and modded Solarforce L2P, but went...
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    Elzetta Limited Edition

    Hi everyone! First post here on CPF, so forgive me if I doo-doo anything I shouldn't! I've followed CPF for years, and sourced much valuable information here in my path from Maglite through Kathmandu and Fenix to Solarforce (the famed and much-loved-when-potted L2P!) and on now finally to the...