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  1. J

    So many options....Leads to confusion.

    Thanks everyone for the help I ended up going with the G25C2 MKII with a Soshine SC-S2 Battery Charger. Think it should be just what I was looking for. :-)
  2. J

    So many options....Leads to confusion.

    I thought I might be wrong when I typed blue.... Lol thanks for helping
  3. J

    So many options....Leads to confusion.

    Norm you might be right it may not be as long and may be worth the wait. I also found the G25C2. Can anyone tell me the difference between it and the t25c2 other than the g series is a bit larger.
  4. J

    So many options....Leads to confusion.

    Thanks CJ I like the T25C2. Can't find anywhere in Australia though and not sure if I'm up for an 8 week wait for postage. Fingers crossed I find a place here that stocks them. Also one more question are all rechargeable batteries and chargers created equal or can you suggest good brands...
  5. J

    Confused - Too Many Brands to Choose From?

    As far as len lenser goes I have a p7 and it's the only light I've had that wasn't just a cheap avarage flashlight. It's been a great light and the brightness amazed me. (but keep in mind I didn't have much to compare it to.) Hope you find what your after.
  6. J

    So many options....Leads to confusion.

    Oh I missed the question about tint. I'm looking for a white or maybe blue.
  7. J

    So many options....Leads to confusion.

    Thanks for the advice. The two lights you suggested would require I buy rechargeable batteries and a charger correct?(if I want them to be rechargeable.) I'm looking for an all around light, I want it to be able to use it around the house or seeing what's in the trees when I'm camping. I guess...
  8. J

    Cat toy laser with rechargeable battery, or a mod job

    Not sure if it helps but I use to work at a ex gov IT company and we use to get projectors through which often had a laser built into them. If you could locate a used remote they normally run on AA or AAA batteries.
  9. J

    Flashlight Spec. Spreadsheet (dynamic, collaborative)

    I can't see anything but the bards either...:-( seems like a great idea though.
  10. J

    Light for my wife

    You should think of painting one to make it girly!!!! :)
  11. J

    So many options....Leads to confusion.

    Hello All, I currently have a led lenser p7 and like it but want something new. What I'm looking for: -Rechargeable or takes rechargeable batteries -Beam range higher than P7 (210+ meters) - Cost between $50.00 & $150.00 -Multiple lumen settings and one with low lumens to conserve battery...