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    [REVIEW] Zanflare F2 (XP-G2, 2xAA) (Pictures, Output, Beamshots, etc.)

    What is the difference between the F2 and the F2S? From the specsheets I see there's a difference in the output modes : F2 : Low: 15LM; Medium: 50LM; High: 200LM; Strobe: 200LM F2S : Low: 50LM; Medium: 100LM; High: 200LM; Strobe: 200LM Is that all that's different?
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    POOL REPORT: California Highway Patrol...

    Lol, I get the same reactions from either law enforcement, firefighters or security people, and I don't even have high-end lights ;) My Zebralights always get looked at, especially by event- and sitecrew, although they have some nice Petzl's of their own. Security guys always go nuts when I pull...
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    Re: A3 Reliability? That's the werid thing, mine get dropped way more than theirs, sometimes multiple times a day, and they just take that licking and keep op ticking. I've got 3 more left in the cupboard, but after that, I'm thinking of not buying anymore A3's...
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    A3 Reliability? I'm staring to have my doubts about the reliability of the A3's, to be honest. Last year I bought 12 A3's, as gifts and stocking stuffers. I gave both of my parents one, 2 to some friends, took 2 for myself and put the other 6 in the cupboard. Now, since then, my dad's up to his...
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    The "House" Flashlight

    My general house light is a 6D Mag with the Terralux TLE-300M, has it's place, so I always know it's there... Problem is , it's place is on the ground floor, so in addition to the house light, I've got room lights as well, do they count too? 1st floor, Bedroom bedside : 4D Mag with the Terralux...
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    ITP A3 Reliability

    I've got 4 A3's, two alu ones on my keychains, and an SS and a titanium, bot on lanyards. The A3's on the keychains have been dropped numerous times and still work. I gave some away as xmas presents, and they all still function, but one. My dad's alu failed after about 3 months, but I got it...
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    Pimp our brains !

    So, if we take 2 IPT A3's on low, and stuff those in our ears, and leave them in for about 12 minutes, we're golden? :) And id that's true, we got built-in diffusers in our ears as well :D Only thing we need to figure out now if it's a warm white or not :p
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    How do you hide your lights from your wives????

    Well, haven't got a G/F or wife, and most of the people I know have already accepted that I'm a flashaholic, zo there's no need to hide 'em :) And slightly of-topic : Haai jcvjcvjcvjcv ;) Nice to see another fellow GoT'er here :)
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    Zebralight H501 Part 2

    Same here... Since I have taken delivery, about 5 days ago, I already burned through 5 eneloops using it :) Really really like the UI, activating the secondary functions using the double clicks. Havent used the strobe modes, but the moonlight, low and high modes are being used very much. It's...
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    Is this the 'best' led conversion for the mini-mag?

    I have one of these, and have to say, it's 'okay'... It's outperformed by all other lights that I own (even ITP Eos A3), but it sure as h-e-double hockeysticks gives ya more light & runtime than the original incan bulb :) Be weary though, mine didn't fit snugly in the reflector opening, and...
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    Small town cops, gotta love em

    Had a run-in with the local PD here last night too... Around midnight, I get a call from my buddy, who lives in the appartment building across the street. He says he's seen a 'rastaguy' and a dog step into the patch of dirt/land that is between my parent's funeral home and the school next to...
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    Flashlight to aid Camera focusing.

    Already got a ringflash adapter for my 580EXII :) Nope, you can't, in this setup, but I've got some L-brackets if the need arises... And not to make you jealous : either a 5DmkII of an 1DmkIV is coming soon, just have some weighing of options to do :) Sadly with most pro-bodies, no... Most...
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    Flashlight to aid Camera focusing.

    Heh, I did something similar :) Olight T25-Tactical with a tape switch...
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    Car xenon kit: analog or digital ballast?

    Lemme see if I can get this right : Digital ballasts are smaller, but also more sensitive to electric currents... (mind you, I don't speak Italian and can't be arsed to Google Translate ;))
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    What are the odds 4Sevens makes some more Neutral Mini123s?

    What thrashing are you referring to? Please elaborate :)
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    Now I can also take pictures with my Olight T-25 Tactical...

    The light attached is more for me than for pictures I'm afraid :) I work in dark places a lot, and it's nice to have some light then. If I used a flashlight the traditional way, I'd need an extra hand for zooming/focusing, hence the pressure switch. I would use it to get my subjects attention at...
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    Now I can also take pictures with my Olight T-25 Tactical...

    That's why I got a red lens for it as well, and a diffuser too...
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    Now I can also take pictures with my Olight T-25 Tactical...

    'Cuz I attached a camera to it! :) But in all seriousness : I frankensteined a flashlight mount out of an old gun-sight-mount, a flash cold-shoe and a custom-made screw. Inside the gun mount resides an Olight pressure switch tail cap, on which I mount my Olight T-25 Tactical. Looks something...
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    TerraLUX TLE-5EX and Nite Ize IQ Switch on the way

    I own 3 IQ switches AND a TLE-5EX... They work well together, but i've also experienced all the little niggles mentioned above about the IQ switch. I'm not using my minimags very much any more, I've got some ITP lights instead for those jobs, but they're still my backuplights in my photobags...
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    Happy National Flashlight Day!

    Well, from Belgium, wishing all of you lotsa lumens, long runtimes and a happy national flashlight day!

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