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  1. KTFlights

    boring a 6p

    $77, 1 day turnaround, return shipping included.
  2. KTFlights

    boring a 6p

    Yes, a lathe and boring bar 👍🏼
  3. KTFlights

    Novatac and HDS Ultimate

    Would also be interested in a HDS legacy Clicky.
  4. KTFlights

    For Sale - Flashlight Original Run ARC Lights for Sale

    Nice! If you wind up keeping one of these and want to bring the guts up to current tech, I can always make new internals and put a McClicky switch, H17Fx driver, and new emitter it in for you.
  5. KTFlights

    Novatac and HDS Ultimate

    Looking for Novatac 85/120 models black or natural (natural preferred). Also looking for HDS Ultimate models. SPA, Storm, Specops, etc. may also be considered. Thanks!

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