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    Pupillary reflex penlight

    Wasn't really sure if i needed the warm or cool tint, but based on the above advice i'll stick to the cool tint. Snow - the Quark AA goes down to 0.2 lumens, is this the output you have it set to for pupillary reflex checks? I ask because the Preons lowest output is 2.2lumens, would that be...
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    Pupillary reflex penlight

    Wow, thanks for both the recommendations, they really do look superb. I'm tempted to order both the Peak Eiger and Preon 2 :) With regards to the Peak Eiger (great review btw DWF), does this not have a multiple output option like the Preon? I've attempted to look through the Peak website but...
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    Pupillary reflex penlight

    Hi everyone, i'm looking for a penlight as a gift for an optometrist/optician mainly for checking pupillary reflexes. I've seen the Welch Allyn Penlite (retails for around £55 in the UK) but was hoping you may be able to suggest alternatives? I've tried out a couple of medical torches but...

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