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    Opinions on this

    Did he ever give you a reason for why he was there???
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    How has inflation affected you ?

    I mostly only buy things I need at the supermarket when they are BOGO. Read sale flyers and stock up then. I have also found I can do quite well without many things I once wouldn’t think twice about tossing in the cart. There is a big difference between wants and needs.
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    Post those >100,000mi vehicles

    I bought a friends 2003 Astro Van with the 4.3l. Had minimal problems with it. Always changed the oil around 6K with Mobile 1 Syn. I forget exactly what went in the motor but it was like 3K to fix it. At that point it had 347K on the clock and owed me nothing. Currently I have a 2010 Kia Rondo...
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    your favorite walking shoes

    If you like a lot of cushion like I do Hoka Bondi 7. I believe they have been replaced by Bondi 8.
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    if i replace them weekly are alkines safe?

    I am still learning so do rechargables never leak or just not as much as alkalines???
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    Any luck contacting Olight customer service?

    What is the latest recall???
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    Any luck contacting Olight customer service?

    Whats wrong with email? For me as long as my problem is solved I don't care whether I speak to someone. Many companies today only do email so they can save money over a person or persons answering the phone.
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    Any luck contacting Olight customer service?

    Thats unusual...I have several of their lights and had to contact them several times. I used email and my experience was a fast reply one time even on the weekend. Something must have happened.
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    Thrunite CatapultVN Mini - Most Compact TIR Thrower R

    I am interested if the OP isn’t.
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Right on...I'm so sick of these drastic price jumps that the only way I can fight back is by stop purchasing items I can do without and growing a lot of my own food. Also many purchases are bogo. What also helps is I never buy meat or seafood. When I do eat meat or fish its rarely and its always...
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Stagger your vegetable plantings and use indeterminate tomatoes which continually produce until a hard frost hits them. This method will help spread out your harvest.
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    NFD: Olight Marauder 2

    Write the company asking to buy one. They will prolly send you one for free. They did for me. Company has top notch customer service.
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    Head lamp recommendation needed Pricey but they have some cheaper models none cheaping out on quality for the lower price. I’ve owned two and the Czech company is by far the best IMO.
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    My last Olight... I swear!

    I just bought my first Olight on Black Friday. I bought the Marauder 2. One of the main reasons is that with the flip of the switch it goes from flood to spot. I got the best of both worlds. Seems to be very well built also.
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    I looked at that one but they were out of stock. Did they have any discount when you got yours???
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    Who makes the Elzetta Bones? If its Malkoff I can't find it.
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    Last night I bought the Olight Marauder 2 with has a switch to go from spot to flood. See how that works when it gets here. Also ordered the Lucifer X headlamp with 5000 lumens from Lucifer Lights. Might buy a malkoff also as girlfriend gave me 2K from casino winnings to feed my habit!:faint:

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