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    Sold/Expired F/S LS20.3 For sale again Now $925.00

    Re: F/S LS20.3 Hi is the 'c' pack for PD taken?
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    Red Light Traffic Cameras

    Just to provide a different perspective. Here in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the traffic condition is waay above the road capacity, a roundabout without a traffic light would be a deadlock. There would be vehicles criss crossing each other's path. Here is a pic of a big roundabout (with traffic...
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    McGizmo EDC's - What's Yours?

    Still a 3.5 yr old LS20
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    Let Watch Battery Die and Just Use Cell Phone?

    Mechanical (automatic) wristwatch definitely. I would never buy anything other than mechanical watch anymore. Used to wear a seiko black monster but i was fortunate enough to have a rolex submariner as a wedding gift and i wear it everyday now. A good mechanical watch can easily last 20yrs...
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    Would you use a modern flashlight in a reasonably rough job or not? CONCRETE BELOW!!!

    My surefire l1 sure has gone through many abuse without fail :) Once you have passed through that first ding/scratch/drop, its all good :)
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    I think I'm done buying lights for a while

    Buy a highest end light and thats only when i really lost the urge :)
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    Things I've learned the hard way . . .(Part 2)

    its quite silly really, but i blamed it on fatique and eagerness to go home to start a good weekend. Don't turn on the engine of your bike when you are cleaning/oiling/wiping/etc the chain-drivetrain. Well, i lost almost a full phalanx of my right thumb because of this :(
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    The Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast your vote! PART 2

    Re: The Flashaholic's "Must Have" List Its been years since i bought a light for my own use. So my must have list would have old lights. : -surefire l1 -mcgizmo lunasol 20 -mcgizmo ti-pd-s
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    my wife is an orthodontist. Some of the wires used in these braces are made of NiTiNOL, pre-made in factory according to specified parabolic curves. After the patient's jaw size is measured, a correct wire size selected and installed. It would follow the patterns of the patient's current teeth...
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    RIP Craig

    RIP Craig
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    My Darling Angel

    my deepest condolences and my prayers with you and all loved ones.
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    What do you prefer: Bezel up or bezel down carry?

    bezel down... its less geeky to others :)
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    Wrist watches

    Most of the time: Submariner LV (wedding gift from my mother in law) Only for very rough activity or working in project site: Seiko Black Monster Another unused watch in my drawer (used daily prior to above seiko purchase) Swatch Chronograph. Cant find a better photo but its exactly like...
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    New Zebralight 4 AA Q50!

    bigger reflector usually means deeper reflector, and that means longer flashlight body.....
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    McGizmo Line of Kitchen Utensils

    mmmmm.... if all my kitchen utensils can come without those plastic handles..... cool.....
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    Flashaholic Getogether in Singapore! PART-IV (4)

    Well, i would need a boeing 737 parking space to come down... :D moved back to jakarta since last oct. Married on january and settling down here after 10 years in sgp. more dark places here but less flashaholic friends :(
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    Flashaholic Getogether in Singapore! PART-IV (4)

    wish i could join... how is everybody by the way? :)
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    Quality or quantity, what do you recommend?

    like someone said here, I can't afford to buy cheap..... :broke: in the end i know i would still end up with both and spend more :green: and the cheaper one tend to be worthless when i need to recoup some $$$ in a pinch the better quality one hold the value much better when you need to sell it...
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    surefire for work

    Im using L1 personally for my work (construction sites) and its been wonderful for the past 2yrs. Would have no problem recommending it in a heartbeat. An LX2 'might' be too powerful for close up work but would be good for distance inspection if you need any. however if you need a handsfree...
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    O-rings for Ti-PD

    i got mine from rockettomato silicone o ring set

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