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    CREE 3x T6 3800 Lumen LED - IS THIS THING FOR REAL?

    I have the light from manafont. I also have the SC600 750 lumen light from Zebralight. The manafont light is WAAAAAAY brighter than the SC600. Like blow it away brighter. It is astonishing. I have had a lot of lights in my years and I pay attention to lumen ratings. I am certain that I am...
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    Sign-up thread for the MillerMods Cree Arc AAA 2-stage (Part 3)

    I am number 20 on the list. I have no light to send in.
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    New Pics And Member List Added "Chimera Mini" A "Flat" Edc with Built-in Usb Charging

    Re: ITS ALIVE !! The "Chimera Mini" A "Flat" Edc with Built-in Usb Charging Include a 2gb micro sd in it. Instead of a USB "Flash Drive" you will have a USB "Flashlight Drive".
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    What's your color IQ?

    0 - Really!
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    Zebralight update

    I think it needs a built in Rare Earth Magnet disk in the bottom end cap. That way I can stick it to whatever metal surface happens to be around.
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    New Star Trek Enterprise 2008 photographs !

    Yeah, and to be going past the star field as fast as is depicted on most episodes (old AND new) you would have to be traveling at about 15 light years per second, which works out to more than 473,000,000 times the speed of light. That's four hundred, seventy three MILLION times the speed of...
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    Recommend Ear-Bud Headsets

    Thanks for the link to the review. It was one I had not seen before. I will state, however, that the review mentions nothing whatsoever about the break-in period. The phones sound RADICALLY better after having been run on some good ol' rock and roll for about 15 hours at about 3/4 full volume...
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    Recommend Ear-Bud Headsets

    V-Moda Vibes. Break them in for 15 hours first at moderate volume. I HAVE a pair of Etymotic ER4P ($260) phones. I prefer the V-Moda Vibes. Get nearly the same sound, better bass, WITHOUT a headphone amp.
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    What Do You Drive?

    If I'm using my Nike Sasquach SUMO^2 - about 250 yards.
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    Sign-up thread for the MillerMods high power Arc AAA Cree XR-E mod (Part 2)

    I am just terrified that my name might be dropped off this list! If I get dropped off, why that means I may never get my light made!.....uh wait a minute....that is happening right now anyway!
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    Best Camping Lantern Recomendations

    GET THE ELECTRIC START!!!!!! I am an old time camper too. NOTHING beats just turning it on. Like a light switch.
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    Is the Muyshondt Nautilus Worth the Price

    If you take a razor blade and trim down the outer diameter of the black foam ring a little the stiffness will disappear. It is the process of compressing the foam ring that makes the turning "stiff". Removing a little of the size of the foam ring will ease this up considerably.
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    Need advice on a "SILENT" garage door opener

    Forget all those other posts. I have one of these: They CANNOT be heard from anywhere in the house. It is HANDS DOWN the quetest of any of the garage door openers I have ever had. Like 1/10 as much noise. It sits on the torsion bar and turns the...
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    Sold/Expired The Nautilus Flashlight - Hardcoat Version

    Well post it here when available first. That way I can jump on it right away!
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    Sold/Expired The Nautilus Flashlight - Hardcoat Version

    I would be interested in a full flood version. Just get that LED fairly close to the UCL and that would just about do it. Use a white reflector instead of silver.
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    Elektro Lumens MT-I and MT-III Maglite Drop In

    Will this fit in a 3C maglite head? I already have a P4 Stunner from Wayne, I am looking at a 3C form factor for another WPI (Wayne Perfectamundo Invention).
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    Sold/Expired The Nautilus Flashlight - Hardcoat Version

    The grittyness is not in the threads, it is in th battery. I spread a little oil on the battery (to get some on the inside of the tube) and on the bottom of the battery. It is now MUCH smoother. Most of the tension of the turning is spent in compressing the black pad. You can see this for...

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