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    Why don't more people use imr batteries?

    I use IMR cells although they do not have built in over discharge protection.
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    Best all rounder you own.

    I'll keep FordEx Mini Cree Led Flashlight.
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    PWM - What is it, How does it work and how to detect it.

    Nice work, I must say. Various points discussed here about LED flashlights are genuinely very informative.
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    Beginner's Guide to explain simple LED flashlight.

    Well, flashlights are very handy during any emergency specially at night. Various significant aspects discussed by you about LED flashlights are genuinely helpful for people.
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    Powerful pocket flash light needed for a Heavy Duty Truck Technician

    Use of flashlights are escalating tremendously these days. Various aspects of flashlights described by you in above post are potent. It seems that this flashlight is very supportive and proficient.
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    Commonly Used LED Emitter Index

    Flashlights are very benevolent during night. One should carry a good flashlight with him/her. Information shared by you about flashlight is really benevolent and meritorious.
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    Flashlights are very handy during night. A flashlight should be durable and water proof. Various aspects described by you about flashlights are benevolent and commendable.
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    How often do new flashlights come out?

    Almost daily. But before buying flashlights one should keep three things in mind and i.e. brightness, portability and function-ability.
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    Flashlight Spec. Spreadsheet (dynamic, collaborative)

    Flashlights are very essential tools during any emergency. There are number of flashlights available in the market. One should choose them deliberately. Above information about flashlights are useful and commendable.

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