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    For Sale - Flashlight Many Surefire + Surefire Parts + Others

    Shoot, too late. Backups on A1 and A14 if the sale doesn’t go through for any reason. Question for the group: Can’t find much on the truax nightstalker, would that be a single mode twisty?
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    Looking for a Kemenes Nucleus

    Looking for a Nucleus please.
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    Sold/Expired CPF 15 year Atom #2 and a TAD socket for the A2

    Backup on the Atom AO if the above sale doesn’t go through for some reason. Thx.
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    For Sale - Flashlight RAT's Massive Surefire Sale thread

    Any chance that the: E1E-HA A067278 Condition: Mint blister pack (shell only) Opened $220USD pm for more pic's has matching natural ano? If so I’ll take it. PM inbound. Update: This one is still available,
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    For Sale - Flashlight RAT's Massive Surefire Sale thread

    Backup on E1e-HA A63010 if for some reason the sale above doesn’t go thru.
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    Brat Guy Titanium Clips

    I would be fine with SS if you could make it a deep carry. Either way, here are the Reylight AA dimensions from my pineapple: OD tail threaded area: 14.7mm, but the clip does not sit on exterior threads. There is an extra lip below the threads that the clip sits on that has a 16.8mm OD. If the...
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    Brat Guy Titanium Clips

    A deep carry clip for the Lan? Count me in if you find a solution!
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    Brat Guy Titanium Clips

    Shoot, was hoping to feed my tritium addiction. They all look awesome, well done!
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    Brat Guy Titanium Clips

    Mickey, What is the one above the alien v2 in the case that has the trit slots? Is that the 3 bar? I’m in for that one if it’s available. Thx!
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    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    If anyone is looking for one, the Flashlight Fanatics FB group has this for sale: Fraz Labs QT-L Nugget - 18650 NIB $142 shipped priority in their wooden crate. $125 plus priority shipping to ship that crate. I’m still holding out for the AA version when it someday comes available, but...
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    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    Fingers crossed, I’ve been waiting 10 years for the 3xAA version that was talked about back then. What awesome lights, love to see all the iterations and changes over the years. They had a vision and stuck with it, kudos!
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    WTB Firefly 2.0 Kickstarter

    WTB Firefly 2.0 Kickstarter. Please DM me if you have one for sale, thx!
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    Best AA edc flashlight?

    Hard to beat dual fuel. That’s why the Reylight Lan’s are my go-to lights. Lithium 3.7v or in a SHTF scenario it will run on 1.5v alkalines and NiMh. Tritium to find it quickly in the dark and tailstand capability.
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    Most carried light, only 1.

    Reylight Lan. Runs great on a 14500, will eat AA’s all day in a SHTF scenario.
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    Sold/Expired datiLED Battery Drainers & Micro Lanterns

    I’ll take #3 and #6. PM sent.
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    Longest runtime for budget single AA or AAA led light on low setting to be used in tornado shelter

    Just get a zebralight AA. Great at higher settings, can run over 4 months on the lowest setting.
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    Surefire, 4sevens, beta mule, HDS*closed*

    I’m just curious how the mule is magnetic with a keychain attachment base. Is the magnet in the side, or magnetic charging somehow? Thanks!
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    WTB: Nucleus Flashlight

    If anyone has a Kemenes Nucleus for sale, please let me know, Thanks!

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