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    Rechargeable 18650 (x1), thinking Olight M2R Warrior

    Haven't been looking at lights for a while until I gifted a Fenix LD22 and bought myself a Titan Plus a couple weeks ago. I'm looking at picking up a new light with the following criteria: 1. Rechargeable (I like the magnetic chargers, not a big fan of micro USB) 2. Single 18650 3. Prefer...
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    Zebralight SC52 & SC52w

    Ha thanks, I might hold off then.
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    Zebralight SC52 & SC52w

    I'm looking at getting the SC52w, skimmed some of the thread but there are a lot of pages.... Are there any flaws with this light that I should be aware of before purchasing? I don't want to derail the thread/bring negativity/etc., I'm just looking for a quick summary of 61 pages I guess....
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    List of Currently Available HighCRI, Neutral, & Warm LED Lights

    Re: Here is a spread sheet, please add your data My apologies for not updating this thread. I have been very busy the last year and have not been able to visit CPF very often, unfortunately. If someone would like to take over this thread, I welcome it. I have received a PM from another...
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    AA vs CR123 performance comparison?

    I like both.
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    Cars, Man

    Amusing video, titled Rolling a Reliant Robin.
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    eneloop longevity

    Haha i'm curious too, as probably everyone is that is looking at this thread.
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    Fake Ultrafire 18650 battery warning

    Re: Possibly Fake Ultrafire? I prefer AW. I threw my "ultrafire" cells away.
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    List of Currently Available HighCRI, Neutral, & Warm LED Lights

    Re: List of Currently Available HighCRI/Neutral/Warm LED Lights I have been pretty busy lately, but I should be able to update this list soon (next few days). It makes it a lot easier if people list the: Manufacturer, Model, LED Emitter Brand & Model, Color Temperature, CRI, and Tint Bin when...
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    Why do people like and wait for the neutral white lights?

    I like it so far... I don't have the time to adequately evaluate it but here is the thread I posted in.
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    ZebraLight H502 XM-L

    Re: ZebraLight H502 X-ML Subjective opinion on my part it seems to get warmer towards the edge at 6 inches from a white wall. When used on a headband it seems perfect, but I'll admit I don't have time to critique it. In my limited time I love it. Yes. It looks weird because I have never...
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    ZebraLight H502 XM-L

    Re: ZebraLight H502 X-ML I received my H502D today. I can't imagine a better headlamp. IMO the glow in the dark reflector is a completely non issue, it doesn't seem to provide any benefit for me, but also it doesn't seem to affect the beam at all (the small tinge at the edge of the beam is...
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    ZebraLight H502 XM-L

    Awesome pictures varuscelli, I'm loving the amount of flood this thing puts out. I just got shipping confirmation on my H502D, hope to report back soon.
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    ZebraLight H502 XM-L

    If you are referring to my post I was just hoping that this discussion would follow how CRI/color temp/CCT/etc. relates to the H502, which it has. I have seen other threads derailed and closed because they turn into pissing matches of which is better and who knows more. There are many members...
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    Photos of your lights

    Come on man, welcome to CPF, but you can't leave us hanging like that haha.
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    ZebraLight H502 XM-L

    Well said. This color temp thing is purely subjective when using terms such as warm, neutral and cool.... one persons neutral is anothers cool is anothers warm. High CRI and color temp are separate measures but have been somewhat correlated in the past (High CRI emitters have traditionally...
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    Zebralight: Cool is Neutral and Neutral is Warm?

    This is the most subjective topic on CPF in my opinion (tint,cri,etc.). I prefer neutral/high CRI lights in all settings, some don't like them, some like them outdoors, some like max lumens blue/cool white for throw, etc. There are emitters currently that have high CRI at a "daylight noon...
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    Why No 1 X AAA With Moon Mode

    QTC has had some issues and the Thrunite does not have a good design IMO. I love the low modes, but I tend to use AAA formats only on my keys and I prefer simple 1 mode lights, like the Fenix E05.
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    Armytek Predator flickering with new 18650s

    Your threads could be dirty if this happens again.
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    ZebraLight H502 XM-L

    Re: ZebraLight H502 X-ML This is one of the floodiest lights you can buy. If you need any amount of throw you might want to consider a reflector based light.

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