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  1. tysonb

    UltraFire H6 stopped working - what to do now?

    I did some searching, but could not find such a post. If anyone could point me to it, I would appreciate it.
  2. tysonb

    UltraFire H6 stopped working - what to do now?

    I picked up an UltraFilre H6 and it worked well for a time, but now it won't even turn on. It did not get wet. I have sent about a dozen emails to the proper address listed on the UltraFire site, but not a single response. Can anyone provide me with a primer on how to isolate the component...
  3. tysonb

    Jet 3 Pro Bike Light

    I think that a right angled connector would make a nice improvement to this design by shortening the length of the connection. Otherwise, nice job. Tysonb
  4. tysonb

    Calling out all Canadians!!!

    Hello there fellow Cannucks! I am in Windsor, and have a UPS box in downtown Detroit so I order from anywhere. It is important to note that if ordering from Hong Kong, you will get anything quite quickly (3-5 days for EMS). I have to go to the US for a bunch of meetings through the month, so...
  5. tysonb

    'lost' jacket - with 4 lights in it! bitter :(

    It has been a while now since the loss as this happened last month, but I was holding out hope for someone to find it, or for it to turn up somewhere. It took me a fair while to retrace where I lost it and it was in the Keg in Windsor, Downtown - nowhere near no man's land in the middle of...
  6. tysonb

    'lost' jacket - with 4 lights in it! bitter :(

    My black leather jacket has been lost with the following (at least) inside it: Streamlight Strion Surefire E2D Fenix AA JetBeam Jet 1 I also had 1 VW key - remote and about $225 to replace Chequebook $60 cash 4 batteries and who knows what else.... I am pretty bitter about it as I was in the...
  7. tysonb

    Free Victorinox parts - UPDATED!!!

    The parts have now been delivered to Sigman. I am sorry for the delay, but I hope that the parts go to good use.
  8. tysonb

    Leatherman C302/C303

    I am interested to know if anyone has one of these already and their opinion of the knife. Link to Leatherman site - page specific Thanks, Tysonb
  9. tysonb

    MicroFire 24W HID Evaluation and Discussion thread

    Gentlemen who have received the light, What is your opinion on the 'vent' holes around the bezel? How would you compare the Annodizing against that of Surefire? Did it come with that case in one of the pics? Are you happy with your purchase? How does the switch compare to a Z57 clicky? Is there...
  10. tysonb

    Unlocking a RAZR V3 - $25 and 10 minutes - blammo!
  11. tysonb

    Free Victorinox parts - UPDATED!!!

    Re: Free Victorinox parts fellas - got sidetracked by a house project. I will update and service the requests in the coming days now that I have time once again. Tyson
  12. tysonb

    where to find replacement seiko bracelet for orange monster

    I have the Orange Monster but several of the links literally fell apart and I can no longer find a few of the pieces. Anyone have any idea where I can get an original replacement bracelet without getting fleeced? Thanks, TBal
  13. tysonb

    Free Victorinox parts - UPDATED!!!

    Hello, I have enjoyed being part of CPF here and I was lucky enough to stumble across a Victorinox kit at a garage sale at my old neighbor's place. Let me know what you need for your knife in the way of toothpics, tweazers, pens, etc and I will mail them to you. Unfortunately, I do not have...
  14. tysonb

    Amondotech Illuminator 35 Watt HID Searchlight

    It looks like AmondoTech does not allow for PayPal payments, which sucks as PayPal is my 'play' money as opposed to my credit cards which are audited by the Warden. Is there any chance that I could PayPal someone to order this light to my US shipping address? I am Canadian, but have a US...
  15. tysonb

    Microfire Warrior - where to buy?

    oops - missed this a while back.... I need the smaller size, plain and simple ;) Thanks,
  16. tysonb

    Best clip for the Fenix?

    I like these ones from - and they are not $25 either ;)
  17. tysonb

    The Thor meets Track lighting MOD! (Now with UPDATED BEAMSHOTS!)

    Re: The Thor meets Track lighting MOD! (some instruction and pictures) Thorzilla!
  18. tysonb

    3152 Anouncement / Interest Thread/ Details Added

    I am interested! If a list is going to be arrange, put me on it! Tyson
  19. tysonb

    FDA warning letter to Wicked Lasers, dated 1/12/06

    If anyone wants me to hold their lasers in Canada for a while, let me know ;) In all seriousness, if people are looking to get rid of them, send them here. I will give them back if you want them later. tyson

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