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  1. UncleFester

    question for PCB homebrew types

    When I worked at a small electronics development company we used clear Krylon after etching the board. When you solder to a pad or land, the Krylon burns off and the solder bonds OK.
  2. UncleFester

    The CHARGATRON Vintage Battery Charger -- What batts charge with AC voltage??

    I had something like this when I was a kid. I THINK it used a night light bulb for current limiting and a rectifier. The (safety) line cord was on the lid and the two prong round male part was on the chager body. When you closed the lid, power was applied to the bulb/diode circuit which was in...
  3. UncleFester

    BC-900 Modification to take C / D Cells

    Isn't there an amp-hour charge limit on the BC900? I think it's below your cell capacity. I could certainly be wrong here. Calling Silverfox....
  4. UncleFester

    Need a AA charger quickly

    drmaxx thanks. I've been kinda lookin' for a charger like that one.
  5. UncleFester

    It finally happened to me :-( the BC-900 v32 toaster oven

    Re: It finally happened to me :-( the b900 toaster oven Vid Pro you're lucky. When mine did that it was auditioning for a remake of The China Syndrome. I had been using it for more than a year to charge AAA nimhs. The 200ma default charge rate is a large enough percentage of the capacity for an...
  6. UncleFester

    LEDs off transformers?

    Keep in mind that most leds have a maximum reverse voltage of 5V. I wouldn't use them as their own recifier for that reason.
  7. UncleFester

    Letter from Energizer

    Hmmm... so the switches tell the charger wether it's charging AAA or AA? So your mod fools the charger into thinking it's charging AAA when they're actually high impedance AA. Cool
  8. UncleFester

    HELP - noob needs help with WF500 & 18650

    spaspeckerthedull Have you tried metering the cell voltage WHEN connecting the cell to the lamp with wire? My guessis that Silverfox is right and the cell is going into overcurrent protection. If so, when you load the cell with the lamp the the circuit will open and the cell voltage will fall to...
  9. UncleFester

    a water-resistant way to carry a spare AAA cell?

    Hey I think Peak Led Solutions has battery carriers. I think you're looking for a Matterhorn body with lug or keyring and a plastic cap that screws in to seal it. Their webiste is less than optimal but there is contact information on it. Send them an email or call them. They're usually pretty...
  10. UncleFester

    Laptop Battery help

    Hey Ummm.... Please be very careful when charging LiIon cells in series. There is more information available on CPF. Please take the time research it. LiIon cells can be VERY DANGEROUS if not charged properly.
  11. UncleFester

    WHY did they stop manufacturing Nickel-IRON batteries :(

    This evidently means there is a high internal resistance. It might be OK for low drain applications but probably not for high performance LED or incan lights. Also the articles mention low energy density, which would translate into shorter runtimes or larger batery size...... Just MHO. Nice find
  12. UncleFester

    NC-25UC Universal USB Charger

    That looks like a nice charger. Too bad it plays music. I wonder what it plays. Chage if the Titans? LOL Maybe that function can be defeated.....
  13. UncleFester

    How can this be? Li-Ion brought back from 0.1v to full power and working strong?

    ABSOLUTELY do not do that. If there is ANY charge in the cell it could instantly take out your meter. To measure the internal resistance of a cell, charge it and load it with a known current. Measure the terminal voltage with and without the load. Subtract the loaded voltage from the unloaded...
  14. UncleFester

    Memory and Voltage Depression, Myth or Fact?

    Thanks Tom for the informative post. We've heard the claim that nimh doens't have the memory effect. I've often wondered if that is true, why do some chargers have a "conditioning" mode. ala BC-900
  15. UncleFester

    FishPill... New CC LED Driver... anyone want to try?

    Re: My LED driver... anyone want to try? hey guys, even though the chip may have an input voltage up to 6V, don't forget that the circuit is a boost converter and that the input voltage needs to be lower than the output voltage (the Vf of the LED)
  16. UncleFester

    Fighting with efficiency, Boost Regulator, Eureka!

    Hmmm.... I wonder if a diode could be used to generate the offset. It's fixed voltage might improve regualtion over using a resistor?? Dunno, I have't fully thought it through.
  17. UncleFester

    1aa boost?

    LOL Martin you beat me to it. I think with a little carressing, the 3490 just might be the ticket. It's quite possible that some CPF modders are already using it, but aren't really intrested in giving away they're intellectual property. and and rightly so.
  18. UncleFester

    Looking for 2-cell NiMH "mini charger"

    Agreed.But if you're lookin' for a down & dirty charger, This might be the ticket. I should have mentioned its a dumb charger My bad.
  19. UncleFester

    Looking for 2-cell NiMH "mini charger"

    Well Marlin P Jones has oone for $2.95. There is an AAA version also. BTW, it's worthwhile to look around on their site. They've got some cool stuff.
  20. UncleFester

    Circuit inside a small Fluorescent bulb (pic)

    Dang Doug, that circuit board looks heat stressed around the reisistors and diodes on the side with the D^2 packs. At least it looks like it might be from this century.. LOL