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  1. UncleFester

    Winner announced.

    Re: Giveaway Count me in .....
  2. UncleFester

    Bad Arc heads

    Ya know, I've been thinking about this. I bet those empty heads are production REJECTS. If that's the case, the production AAA's would not have such blemishes. That would indicate proper quality control for the Arc lights. This QC would also apply to the new (showpiece product) Arc 6. Don't let...
  3. UncleFester

    Is Dorcy AAA gone??

    Well I don't know if it's going away. It's still active on their website
  4. UncleFester

    September News

    Since LED drivers are current sources and not voltages sources, I would imagine the difference is that the P4 has a lower forward voltage at any given current. The lower current means less heat is generated. It also means less energy is pulled out of the battery and it lasts longer. Peter...
  5. UncleFester

    Thanks..I was almost blinded!

    Yep I nailed myself with an aspheric cree mag a couple months ago. I had a large spot in my eye for several hours. Scared me pretty good. I"m more careful now
  6. UncleFester

    Help a cop pick a new flashlight

    Ummm.....if you want a big light you can hold in your armpit (and "disadvantage" your person being "interviewed"by shinining it in his eyes) Would a 3 D maglight work if it had well over 100 lumens of output and a bright LED color temperature? The very solution you're looking for might be a...
  7. UncleFester

    Very sore eye after blasting myself with an l2d

    If you DO decide to get it checked out, by all means take the offending light with you. You're right, they might envision a minimag or something the public is familiar with.
  8. UncleFester

    Best and worst lights of 2007

    Re: * Best and worst lights of 2007 I don't know if it counts because it's a mod but my favorite light is my MillerMods Arc AAA two level Cree. Worst light of the year? There are so many contenders I aint' even gonna go there.
  9. UncleFester

    Do your eyes lose focus when using LED outdoors?

    Sometimes I lose focus after drinking too many beers...... :crackup: On Topic: No, I've never noticed any focus problems with LED lights. In fact, without the yellow beam of a store bought incandescent, I think focus is better...
  10. UncleFester

    Cree in MiniMag/AA...right.

    Chiphead. I've had some success with putting a Cree on a Sandwich From the Sandwich Shoppe. If you're going to use akalines you'd be happiest with a MadMax wide open. Choose the MadMax light one for longer runtime and cooler running or the MadMax plus for more power (uugghh uuugghh). If you're...
  11. UncleFester

    Dorcy 45 Lumen Focusing 1xAA, 1xAAA

    Dang it, Just when I thought I was done getting more lights. Floyd. The headers on the individual product pages show them as being Luxeon LEDs. These look like iteresting little lights. Imagine how cool variable power and variable focus would be if they could do it. LOL
  12. UncleFester

    2AA LED Thrower?

    Torque1st. Thanks for the links. Interestingly, the Aruora shown on TheLedLight web page is listed as AAA powered while the rest are AA. I wonder if it's a misprint or a different light? Thanks again. Fleetparadox Unless your application is a VERY heavy drain, you probably won't notice any...
  13. UncleFester

    2AA LED Thrower?

    Torque1st. I'd be interested in knowing about the River Rock. Although it's late it sounds like it would have made great Xmas gifts. StereoDude. Some time ago Eric Miller tried a Cree in a [email protected] Evidently it works amazingly well. It looks like the beamshot pics may have expired their...
  14. UncleFester

    Full circle. Come a long way? Have you?

    I just built a 2AA [email protected] with Sandwich Shoppe SOB917 Driving a Cree Q5, Two 14500 LiIons from AW, and a modified IMS20. This thing makes an AMAZING amount of light and has over an hour of runtime. As little as a year ago I wouldn't have thought it possible. With the LED companies trying to...
  15. UncleFester

    Do you think anyone will ever make...

    Hey If I remember correctly Andrew Wynn was researching His Mighty Mini while he was supposed to be building Nanos. The mighty mini was a two 10440 LiIon light with a side by side arrangement. I"ve tried to find links on CPF but couldn't. Too bad he turned into such flake.
  16. UncleFester

    Maglite are coming out with new LED!!!

    I for one, hope they continue to make the time tested incan version. WHAT?... Think about it. If they change the design radically, what would would we use for mod hosts?
  17. UncleFester

    LED lights should only be used for general purposes

    Hmm. This is all kind of interesting. My neighbors have three Spaniels that like to fall into the pack mentality. Sometimes at night they'll charge the fence at my horses and me while sounding as though they'd like to eat us. (Yes I know theyre' just spaniels, but it's annoying). I have learned...
  18. UncleFester

    Arclight gone, what's new?

    Ya know, it would take a LOT of smiling to get me to part with one of my favorite lights... :ohgeez: Back on topic: you might want to look at the new Arc AAA with the Nichia DS led. Wow.
  19. UncleFester

    1x AA clicky?

    If you're interested in buying American the Peak Pacific is available with an AA sized body. It has a twisty switch (tighten the head). I have the older Luxeon version and it's plenty bright. The new Seoul powered ones are even better. Just my 2¢
  20. UncleFester

    Mini mag 3 AA investigation.

    Surprisingly enough, the MiniMagLed reflector works GREAT with a Cree... go figure... LOL