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    What lights have failed on you?

    E1B,flashed a couple of times and went to half brightness and not a battery or contact problem.Used DE-Oxit still no go.Returned for credit.
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    Convince me not to buy a Proton

    Good Golly just buy it,i find fault in everything and i love it!
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    Malkoff M60's are back in stock

    Gene makes Rolls Royce products AND he is his own man.I have utmost respect for someone who is able to do his own thing and not what others think he should do!
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    MALKOFF OPEN 12/17/2007 -12:30 PM-EST

    Malkoff open and stocked up 12/16/2007 10:25 pm. 12 17 07 12:30 PM EST HAS M60 IN STOCK! GO GUYS!!!
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    Surefire CREE L1

    Stopped buying lights after i received my SureFire L1 Cree! Love It!
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    If Lumapower made a tri-lobed light, would you buy it

    Gee,I already have a light like that and it destroyed the High Output Wolf Eyes drop in housed in a Sniper 6A AND made a Surefire U2 look anemic. It is called ASP Triad with 3 Crees,silky switch,non slip grip and wall of light. Check one out and all your Huntlights,Lumapowers Surefires will be...
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    Who really, really wanted a Fenix LO-TI but didn't get one?

    Me, i was not aware of them until it was too late.
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    SLEEPER OF 2006!!!

    Original design thank you just the way it is!
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    Orb Raw - Cool little light but, hmm...

    Get a Pierce M 10 on high,will blow them all away!Including the PD.
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    SLEEPER OF 2006!!!

    Got one of these a week ago and i am AMAZED.It kills the Fenix P1. It is as bright as the FF III on burst using RCRs,but blows it away on primarys. It is brighter than a McLux III PD U bin either on RCRs or primarys and has about the same tint for half the price. And it is the smallest of all...
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    100 Lumen Rated SF vs. HDS 60

    The U2 will make the HDS look like a candle,at least mine will.
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    Why so many P1's for sale privately ?

    Mine would not work until i put a round magnet on the bottom of my Surefire cell.Works great now but is stiff to turn even after lubing 2 times.Also works on RCR123 cells and gets hot and bright.But what do you want for 45.00?
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    New U2 In Hand

    Had every light Surefire makes and the U2 is a masterpiece.Mr Kim has outdone himself with this one!
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    Is the SF U2 worth buying?

    The U2 is as close to perfect as it gets at this time>Lots of throw and lots of spill.The L2 is mostly flood,the L1 is mostly throw and gives you a tunnel effect with no spill. Try one,you will become a SUREFIRE convert! And i almost forgot,I bought it directly from SUREFIRE for a few dollars...
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    New KL4 combo!

    Had mine on for about a month now. Smallest brightest package i can find. LOVE IT!!!!
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    L4 owners, has your E2e been retired?

    E2E-HA and E2E-CAMO sold L-4 RULES
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    L4 serial # check - What's on your KL4?

    Re: L4 serial # check - What\'s on your KL4? Got Two KL4 HEAD-A00023 AND A00114 E2E bodyA-19579 AND A19570 Love Em Both